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RFP Services - Procure cloud-based Software for Customer Relationship Management including Cloud Marketing and Social Media Integration for the HeForShe initiative.

RFP Services - Procure cloud-based Software for Customer Relationship Management including Cloud Marketing and Social Media Integration for the HeForShe initiative. Request for proposal

Reference: RFP/2018/3068
Beneficiary country(ies): United States of America
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 22-Feb-2018
Deadline on: 14-Mar-2018 16:00 (GMT 0.00) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca

This RFP is for cloud-based Software for Customer Relationship Management including Cloud Marketing and Social Media Integration
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New clarification added: Clarification: 1.      Does HeforShe currently have a cloud solution for document sharing that can be integrated with the CRM solution? – Yes, HeForShe currently use Box.com for document management and sharing2.      Will the CRM solution require single sign on? Its not an immediate requirement so no but if available at no extra cost this would be something HeForShe may explore in the future3.      Does HeforShe require a back-end integration for incoming email? What information will need to be retrieved and captured in the CRM? Yes – for our entry-point email at a minimum - heforshe@unwomen.org. We would like to capture relevant information on contact info, name etc and potentially triage or tag the communication to what type of engagement the email pertains to. HeForShe use Microsoft Exchange4.      Does HeforShe currently have contacts data that will need to be migrated to the CRM solution? Where is the data currently stored? How many contacts and fields will need to be migrated? Yes- its currently stored in a database with approximately 8-10 fields5.      Is the expectation that email messages will be sent to 2 million contacts or will only a subset of that number be receiving email messages? If it is a subset, how many contacts will be receiving email messages? Potentially all once or twice a year but most commonly a subset – subsets could range from 100-20,0006.      Section III, Form B states ‘We have examined and have no reservations to the Bidding documents’. If Proposer's have exceptions to terms, where should they include these in the response? – Proposer must meet the terms as set out to be qualified for subsequent assessment

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New clarification added: Question:  The following questions require clarification.1. To what degree do you see the integrations with Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook? – We are looking for seamless integration with ideally all three, please share your suggested solution for evaluation.2.  In addition to consuming data feeds, what are the expectations regarding the organization of data consumed from social networks? – In addition to this, it should be possible to identify possible links between our existing database of supporters and our social media supporters. Please provide details on your suggested solution and other potential benefits or linkages that could be relevant to our initiative.3.  How many estimated administrative staff would use the system? 1 administrative staff4. Approximately how many staff members would access the system less then 2 hours per month? – None – Licenses would only be granted to active / regular users5. Approximately how many staff members would only use the reporting module of the system? – 2 staff members would need access to reporting module at a minimum but please provide your suggested solution (some solutions include this in the standard user account module)6. How many staff members do you estimate would use the system over 40 hours per month? Less then 40 hours per month? Expect all accounts to be within 4-40 hour range but again please provide the details of your suggested solution for evaluation. 7. As the system would consist of a grants management module, approximately how many external users (applicants/grantees) are expected to access the system? Do not envision more than 5 external users at this point but please provide your suggested solution for evaluation. 8. What would be the frequency of system use for applicants/grantees (only access system quarterly, monthly)? Quarterly

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