• Travel Management Services include the travel service such as but not limited to airline ticketing, lump sum, hotel reservations and related services (visa service, travel insurance, etc.) by the Travel Agent.

    Travel Management Services shall include arrangement of travel plans and preparation of suitable itineraries (including alternative routings, departures and arrivals) for purpose of official and non-official travels.

  • J  -  Services
    90000000  -  Travel and Food and Lodging and Entertainment Services
    90120000  -  Travel facilitation
    90121500  -  Travel agents
    90121502  -  Travel agencies
    90121600  -  Travel document assistance
    90121601  -  Passport services
    90121602  -  Visa or auxiliary document services
    90121603  -  Passenger ticket verification service
    90121800  -  Emergency travel assistance services
    90121801  -  Emergency travel agent assistance
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