• About the UNGM Knowledge Center

    The United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) is the official procurement portal of the United Nations System. The UNGM portal brings together UN procurement staff and suppliers interested in doing business with the United Nations.

    The UNGM platform offers two areas of knowledge: the Knowledge Center and the Help Center. Each of them has its own objective and contains different information.

  • What is the UNGM Knowledge Center?

    The UNGM Knowledge Center is a centralized and structured repository of information, similar to a public library.

    The information, compiled in more than 300 articles, has been classified depending on the type of user to meet everybody's needs.

    The objective of this portal is to familiarize users with the UN market, showcase the procurement tools available, and facilitate access to e-learning courses and international procurement seminars.

  • What is the difference with the UNGM Help Center?

    The UNGM Help Center has been built to respond to UNGM usage queries, such as how to log in, complete the registration process, participate in procurement opportunities, manage contact details, etc.

    In conclusion: 
    • The UNGM Knowledge Center offers information provided by UN organizations about general UN procurement and other related topics of interest.
    • The UNGM Help Center offers information provided by the UGNM team about the registration process and how to participate in procurement opportunities.
  • Who is responsible for the information published on the UNGM Knowledge Center?

    UN organizations are ultimately responsible for the information published in the UNGM Knowledge Center. Hence, the UNGM team is only in charge of collecting the information, processing it, and uploading it to the portal.

    Nevertheless, we value your feedback and we would love to hear about your experience, which we will definitely forward to the person in charge. To do so, contact us through the contact form available at the UNGM Help Center. Please do not forget to include the Knowledge Center page you want to provide feedback from.

  • The UNGM Glossary
    An alphabetical list of key terms relating to the UNGM registration process, UN procurement and UN organizations.
  • The UNGM Accessibility Statement
    UNGM is committed to providing an accessible, diverse, and inclusive experience for all UNGM members, including people with disabilities.