• The E-procurement Systems

    E-procurement systems facilitate the procurement processes conducted by UN organizations by digitally handling the different steps of the procurement process: sourcing, solicitation, bid opening, evaluation, and award.


    How do UN organizations use e-procurement?

    UN organizations use different e-procurement systems and may use them differently:

    • either as a stand-alone system;
    • or integrated with UNGM.

    Currently, 17 UN organizations have their e-procurement systems integrated with UNGM. For more information, check the following articles from our Help Center:

  • The e-Procurement Systems integrated on UNGM

    These are the current e-procurement systems currently integrated into UNGM.

    UN organizations’ e-procurement platforms are not managed by UNGM. Therefore, if users experience issues with accessing or navigating these platforms, suppliers are advised to contact the e-procurement system and the UN procurement officer in charge of the procurement opportunity.