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    What is UNOPS eSourcing?

    UNOPS eSourcing is an e-procurement system that facilitates the procurement processes conducted at UNOPS by handling on-line sourcing, solicitation, bid opening, evaluation and award. These functions used to be done offline, so the eSourcing system streamlines how UNOPS and vendors interact, providing increased efficiency and governance to the procurement process. 

    UNOPS eSourcing Vendor Guidelines

    UNOPS has established vendor guidelines on how to respond and do business with UNOPS. These Guides help suppliers in navigating through the eSourcing Portal and are published in three languages EN,FR,ES.

    Key recommendations to vendors using UNOPS eSourcing

    1. Register as a UNOPS vendor in UNGM 

    This is important as you must be registered as a UNOPS vendor in UNGM in order to submit vendor responses to tenders carried out with the UNOPS eSourcing system. If you are already registered, please ensure that UNOPS is amongst the UN organizations in your UNGM profile. 

    1. Express interest in a tender

    After searching for tenders that might interest you, remember to click on the Express interest button in UNGM. All vendors who have expressed interest in a tender will receive automatic notifications about the tender, such as when the deadline for submissions is approaching, or when clarifications or amendments to the tender have been added by UNOPS.

    1. View tender details, especially the submission deadline 

    Remember to review all the details of a tender before responding to it. If you want to submit a response to a tender, you must do so before the submission deadline. The Deadline is under the General information tab of the tender. 

    1. Inform UNOPS whether you intend to submit or not 

    It is important for UNOPS to know in advance of your intention to submit or not a vendor response to the tender as that is very useful information for our procurement process. Please do this through the Vendor confirmation tab. 

    1. Request clarifications on a tender if you have questions

    If you have questions about a tender, you may request a clarification from UNOPS. You have to do this before the Deadline for clarifications which is under the General information tab of the tender.

    1. Save your submission in draft and don’t wait for the last minute

    You may progressively save information as you complete it (i.e. responding to online Questionnaires or uploading documents against the Document checklist) and save your submission as Draft. Don’t wait for the last minute to complete your submission as you cannot submit a vendor response after the Deadline has passed. Once you have completed all the information, click the Submit button. 

    1. Respond to all UNOPS evaluation clarifications in a promptly manner

    After the deadline for submission has passed, UNOPS may send you a request for clarification during the evaluation process. Please respond to these evaluation clarifications in a promptly manner. 

    1.  Ensure that UNOPS' domain is not blocked by your servers

    UNOPS eSourcing system is working with automatic email notifications as described under section 3.4 of the eSourcing Vendor Guidelines. All email notifications from the eSourcing system to our vendors are sent from the no-reply@unops.org address. When sending notification emails from "no-reply" addresses such as this one, there is a risk that the email ends up on a blacklist for spam servers. It is ultimately the responsibility of our vendors to ensure that UNOPS' domain is not blocked and that your mail server accepts emails from the UNOPS domain ("unops.org"). Vendors can do that through their IT department or their Internet Service Provider.

    Contacts and resources

    UNOPS eSourcing

    • For general information about UNOPS please visit www.unops.org 

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