• Doing Business with UN

    This area provides suppliers with useful information on how to start business with the United Nations. 

  • Procurement Categories
    Find the main purchase categories annually procured by United Nations.
  • International Procurement Seminars (IPS)
    IPS are opportunities for UN procurement officers and suppliers to meet in person.
  • The UN System Organizations
    Learn about the United Nations' six principal bodies, the Specialized Agencies and related organizations.
  • The UN Market
  • Procurement Practitioner's Handbook
    A UN procurement reference document that provides guidance in best procurement practices, processes, and procedures.
  • The UN Organizations
    Click here to learn about UN organizations individually.
  • Procurement Plans
  • Collaboration with UN organizations
    Find out about various cooperation and collaboration initiatives between UN organizations and other entities such as universities, institutes, IFIs, etc.