What's new - Most recent content of the UNGM Knowledge Centre:

    • New section available on the SDG Digital Investment Framework, an initiative of the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL), part of the United Nations Foundation, in partnership with ITU. Access the page directly in Procurement Topics or through the Procurement Categories page, in IT Services Category, under Joint Procurement (this option is valid only for UN Buyers).
    • New section available above on UN Procurement Awards 2020, an initiative just launched by the High Level Committee Management’s Procurement Network (HLCM PN) to celebrate and recognize procurement and supply chain excellence across 40 UN organizations. Access the page for further details!
    • The latest French version of UN Procurement Practitioner’s Handbook is available on UNGM. Please click here to view or download it.

    • The new Procurement Categories Travel Management Services and Translation Management Services are available now in UNGM. Please click here to check them!

    • The Rev.06 of the English version of UN Supplier Code of Conduct, approved by the High Level Committee on Management – Procurement Network on 9 April 2018 is available now in UNGM. Please click here to view or download it.


         For UN users only: 

    • FAO has published its new Procurement Manual MS 502.  Please click here to access the UN Procurement Manuals area. 

    • CPAG celebrates 100 years! Please click here to find more information about it.

    • New section available for UN buyers and Trade Promotion Entities to discover the most innovative items and services available in the market. Access the Innovation Corner page here for reading more.

    • New tile under Procurement Topics on the Procurement Impact Methodology for Capturing Procurement Savings and Value Creation. Please click here to view it.

    • Incoterms 2020 have been released in September 2019. Visit the Incoterms tile under Procurement Topics.

    • The Long Term Agreements for the Purchase of Vehicles,  Vehicle Fleet Sharing and Telematics Services are available in UNGM.   You can access the LTA Vehicles page here through the UNGM Knowledge Centre at  Procurement Categories pages.

  • For updates on UN collaborative procurement and other inter-agency activities, follow the HLCM Procurement Network on Twitter via @UN_Procurement