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    To Donor Representatives

    From the HLCM-PN

    The High Level Committee of Management’s Procurement Network (HLCM-PN) is comprised of Heads of Procurement of 40 UN Organisations & International Financial Institutions. HLCM-PN members meet twice a year to discuss and agree on collaborative procurement actions with the objective to ensure optimum use of tax payers’ money, use the combined UN procurement leverage to shape markets, ensure procurement contributes effectively to enhanced programs and projects deliveries, etc.  The next meeting will take place in mid-March 2018 at UN City in Copenhagen. In connection with this, the HLCM-PN would like to organise a side event on Wednesday afternoon, 14th March, in order to give donors to the United Nations an overview of concrete joint procurement actions that have been undertaken, the positive impact of these and further activities that are in the pipeline. The meeting is intended to be interactive as the HLCM-PN would also like to answer questions donor representatives may have.

    Please let the HLCM PN Secretariat know on kerry.kassow@undp.org if you would be available to attend this meeting.