Connecting suppliers
to procurement opportunities

Receive new and revised procurement opportunities matching your products and services via email.

7 main benefits
2 new features!

  • Save time and resources

    Deadlines for procurement opportunities are often short. Receive alerts from more than 60 UN organizations and save time searching manually.
  • Notifications straight to your inbox

    Procurement opportunities are sent to both your email address and your UNGM inbox.
  • Based on goods and services of your interest

    Receive procurement opportunities for the goods and services of your choice.
  • Filter by beneficiary country or territory New!

    Based on feedback from end-users, UNGM developed a new feature: Subscribers can now be notified about opportunities in countries or territories of their choice.
  • Save procurement opportunities New!

    The TAS service allows to save opportunities for easier access and follow-up.
  • One subscription, multiple recipients

    Include multiple recipients, so that your colleagues can receive the same alerts at no extra cost.
  • Explore the United Nations market

    The data provided can help you with your market research by tracking the procurement trends of UN organizations.

See the Tender Alert Service in action

The image shows a sample of the email a subscriber would receive in their inbox, with the notices that match the subscriber preferences

Choose a subscription plan and a payment method

  • Multiple subscription plans

    The annual price is USD 19.99 per month. However, different plans are offered depending on the duration of the subscription.
  • Multiple payment methods

    Pay by card (Visa, MasterCard and JCB) or by bank transfer. Banking details are provided upon subscription.

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