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    General Information
    IPS Business Seminar
    Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT)
    Business France
    Embassy of Belgium - AWEX
    Estonian Business and Innovation Agency
    Brussels Agency for Business Support
    Estonian Embassy in Copenhagen
    In collaboration with our colleagues from Belgium and, Estonia, Business France Denmark – The French Embassy in Copenhagen, present their compliments to the United Nations and have the honor of hereby inviting all relevant entities and agencies of the United Nations to participate in a two-day multi-agency UN business seminar. Our objective is to provide information and increase awareness of UN business opportunities among companies and to introduce new potential suppliers to the United Nations Global Marketplace and assist them with the registration process. Furthermore, our aim is to secure better understanding of the challenges and future needs of key UN agencies and allow existing suppliers to present their solutions. One-to-one meetings between companies from the participating countries and UN entities should create future business partnerships.