• An Electoral System can be seen as the regulation of the relation between voting and the elected officials. It consists of sets of rules that govern all aspects of the voting process: when elections occur, who is allowed to vote, who can stand as a candidate, how ballots are marked and cast, how the ballots are counted (electoral method), limits on campaign spending, and other factors that can affect the outcome.

    The category includes election services,  the related equipment, software and computer data input devices.


  • G  -  Business, Communication & Technology Equipment & Supplies
    43000000  -  Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications
    43210000  -  Computer Equipment and Accessories
    43211700  -  Computer data input devices
    43211723  -  Electronic voting or vote-counting equipment
    43230000  -  Software
    43231500  -  Business function specific software
    43231511  -  Expert system software
    43232600  -  Industry specific software
    43232615  -  Facial recognition software
    43233200  -  Security and protection software
    43233201  -  Authentication server software
    J  -  Services
    93000000  -  Politics and Civic Affairs Services
    93110000  -  Socio political conditions
    93111600  -  Political representation and participation
    93111604  -  Vote catcher services
    93111605  -  Voter registration or counting or analysis or scrutiny services
    93111607  -  Election analysis services
    93111608  -  Election organization services
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