• About UN Tourism

    The World Tourism Organization (UN Tourism) is the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism.

    As the leading international organization in the field of tourism, UN Tourism promotes tourism as a driver of economic growth, inclusive development and environmental sustainability and offers leadership and support to the sector in advancing knowledge and tourism policies worldwide.

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  • Procurement Opportunities by UN Tourism

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  • Procurement

    The procurement processes carried out by the UN Tourism are governed by the values, regulations, neutrality and not-for-profit spirit of the United Nations and are conducted through a framework of accountability and of legal, competitive and financial transparency, while at the same time seeking to apply the best private-sector practices. In its transactions, the UN Tourism is bound by its statutes and regulations, and enjoys diplomatic immunity in the Spanish State.


  • Is the e-Procurement system integrated into UNGM? 

    No, and therefore the Express Interest button is grey. The user is required to carefully read the instructions of the procurement opportunity, which can be found under the Links/Documents tab of the actual procurement opportunity. 

    If there is any doubt, contact the UN officer in charge, his/her contact details are included in the notice under the Contacts tab.

  • Useful links

    This article from the UNGM Help Center: How to participate in procurement opportunities requiring hard copy or email submission?

    If a procurement protest needs to be submitted, click on the Contact form by UN Tourism. 

  • What was the procurement volume of UN Tourism in 2022?
    • Procurement value: 4.01M USD
    • Number of countries the organization procured from: 23
    • Percentage of total UN procurement: <1%
    • Ranking by procurement value: 31st
    • Top category: Management and Admin Services
    • Top region: Europe

    To learn more about the procurement volume of each UN organization, visit the Annual Statistical Report and use the interactive dashboard.


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