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Rome International Procurement Seminar Rome 2019

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    General information about the seminar
    Rome International Procurement Seminar Rome 2019
    Mission of Israel to the UN
    Italian Trade Agency
    Permanent Representantion of the Republic of Malta to the United Nations in Rome
    The Rome International Procurement Seminar will be organized by the Italian Trade Agency in cooperation with the Israeli Consulate in Milan and Permanent Representation of Malta to the UN. It aims to broaden the plateau of potential vendors from the Mediterreanean area active on the UNGM portal. In order to acheive this, the Seminar will introduce UN Agency procurement requirements to a wide range of Italian, Israeli and Maltese businesses. The companies will be selected among those active in emergency and refugee operations; innovation, ICT, aerospace and technology; food, fisheries and agriculture; construction and engineering; logistics and peacekeeping; medical and pharmaceuticals. The overall aim will be to involve both current and new participants to the UNGM portal, and provide participating companies with opportunities to engage with UN Agency procurement officials. . IPS Rome will take place at the premises of Fiera di Roma, in parallel to and within the EXCO 2019 trade show. This event is intended to showcase International development Cooperation and aid. The IPS will gain increased visibility to both target companies and the UNGM, and its presence will boost EXCO 2019. The IPS will feature two presentations on separate days on "Doing business with the UN", and four dedicated panels on: - UN procurement in food, fisheries and agriculture; - UN procurement for medical and pharmaceutical goods, services and technology; - UN procurement for emergency, refugee operations and peacekeeping; - UN procurement for construction and engineering.
  • International Procurement Seminar, Rome 2019