• The Annual Statistical Report on United Nations Procurement is produced by UNOPS on behalf of the United Nations.
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  • The UN system procures from thousands of suppliers every year. The dashboards below provide information on spend with suppliers through major contracts for goods and services.

    The dashboards only show data for contracts with total value of $30,000 or more. Some lines will display values lower than this - in these cases they represent parts of larger contracts.

    In the dashboards below, Procurement by category shows data at the highest category level (UNSPSC segment). Data on more detailed category levels is available on the Categories page.

    Data is available from 2015 onward. For previous years, refer to the published reports from those respective years. 

    Procurement by supplier

    The first dashboard below provides an overview of spend with suppliers through major contracts.



    Major purchase orders and contracts

    This dashboard provides further details on major contracts for goods and services procured by UN organizations, including the names of suppliers (where available).


  • Where organizations are unable to provide the supplier name, the data is reported under ‘Unspecified Supplier’. If the supplier name is protected for security reasons, the name is reported under ‘Name withheld for security reasons’. If the supplier is an individual, the name is reported as ‘Name withheld for privacy reasons’. If publishing the supplier name with other contract-related information could potentially breach confidentiality agreements, this information is not included in the major contracts data.