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Procurement data by category

  • The Annual Statistical Report on United Nations Procurement is produced by UNOPS on behalf of the United Nations.
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  • The ASR collects information from participating organizations about the nature of goods and services procured based on the UN Standard Products and Services Code®.  In addition, the ASR uses sectors of procurement. Procurement sectors refer to groupings of goods and services that are aligned with areas of focus for the UN. Each sector includes goods and services categories from different UNSPSC segments and families.

    The following dashboards show the major categories of procurement by UN organizations.


  • In the dashboard above, the category tables show data at the highest category level (UNSPSC segment), the second highest level (UNSPSC family), and the third highest (most detailed) category level is UNSPSC class. The commodity level is not shown. By clicking on a row(s) in the segment table, the other tables will update to show the respective families and classes which fall under that segment.

    "Procurement by sector", the Consultancy, Administration and Operations sector includes goods and services either directly procured in relation to ongoing programmes and projects, or for administrative services or operational support to UN activities. Transport includes both transport services and motor vehicles; Food and Farming sector includes food, beverage, live plants and animals, farming accessories and services while Construction and Engineering sector includes construction supplies and services, engineering services, structures. Some sectors may not accurately reflect total procurement in those sectors, as procurement activity could be classified more generally in the data (e.g. construction of an energy facility might be classified under a general construction related category, rather than one specifically related to energy).