Argentina International Procurement Seminar, Buenos Aires 2019

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    General information about the seminar
    Argentina International Procurement Seminar, Buenos Aires 2019
    Buenos Aires
    Argentine Agency of Investment and trade
    The Buenos Aires International Procurement Seminar will be organized by the Argentine Investment and Trade Promotion Agency supported by the Ministry of Production and Work and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Worship. This event represents a huge privilege to the country, which is working hardly to promote companies to go through the different stages of the investment process and expansion into the world market. Its aim is to extend the offer from local suppliers to UN agencies. We believe that there is an excellent opportunity for significant growth and increased sales considering quality standards and innovations required. In order to achieve this, the Seminar will introduce UN Agency procurement requirements to a wide range of Argentinian businesses and their variety of products and services. The companies will be called for proposals focused on the main sectors: food, fisheries and agriculture; emergency and refugee operations; medical and pharmaceutical items, innovation, ICT; construction and engineering; logistics and peacekeeping; medical and pharmaceuticals. The overall aim will be to involve both current and new participants to the UNGM portal and provide participating companies with opportunities to engage with UN Agency procurement officials. The IPS will feature two presentations on separate days on "Doing business with the UN", and panels dedicated on: - Best practise panel. Suppliers sharing their experiences. - UN procurement in food, fisheries and agriculture; - UN procurement for medical and pharmaceutical goods, services and technology; - UN procurement for emergency, refugee operations and peacekeeping; - UN procurement for construction and engineering.