IT development Services for Union and Cooperatives Management in Ethiopia Request for quotation

Reference: 200255860 MD
Beneficiary countries: Ethiopia
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 28-Aug-2023
Deadline on: 03-Oct-2023 18:00 (GMT 2.00)


ITC is aiming to promote more efficient and sustainable agribusiness and support services that will lead to increased trade, better incomes and livelihood opportunities, especially for the smallholder cocoa farmers.

In NTF V Agribusiness, activities will focus on identifying resilient and sustainable business and production models, strengthening public-private alliances and support ecosystems, and building capacity for value chain operations in areas such as market development, climate-smart operations, value addition, quality, access to finance, digitalization and developing investment strategies to ensure leveraging of investment.
As part of this programme, the ITC inclusive agribusiness team (A4A) is implementing value chain development projects in Ethiopia (coffee and associated crops).

The projects will deliver under the below 4 outputs:
• Output 1: Resilient and sustainable business and production models are identified and understood;
• Output 2: Public-Private alliances and support ecosystems are strengthened;
• Output 3: VC operator capabilities for more competitive and resilient commercialisation and production are built;
• Output 4: SMEs, SEs and Producers Associations are exposed to and matched with potential partners, business and investment opportunities.