2022-36/WA Conference Ancillary and Catering Services in South Sudan Request for proposal

Reference: 2022-36/WA
Beneficiary countries: South Sudan
Published on: 18-Nov-2022
Deadline on: 09-Dec-2022 23:59 (GMT 1.00)

The purpose of this tender is to establish a system contract with a service provider to provide conference ancillary and catering services to various capacity building training events throughout South Sudan, from early 2023 until August 2024. ITC intends to implement a system contract whereby the selected service provider will deliver services following receipt of ITC issued purchase orders based on the rates indicated in the agreement and specifying the delivery time. The system contract would facilitate a cost-effective prompt administrative process to procure conference ancillary and catering services on a recurrent basis over the contract duration. The ITC Procurement Officer will issue a purchase order, referring to the system contract conditions and rates. ITC does not commit to order a minimum quantity of services but provides anticipated volume per year.