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Cash transfer services in Nigeria as per attached ToR and Annex

Cash transfer services in Nigeria as per attached ToR and Annex Request for proposal

Reference: RFP 9150790
Beneficiary country(ies): Nigeria
Registration level: Level 1
Published on: 22-Jul-2019
Deadline on: 12-Aug-2019 14:30 (GMT -1.00) Mid-Atlantic


Request for Proposal on Cash Transfer services in Nigeria  - as per attached ToR. please note the following instructions:

- This is an RFP and as such, two proposals (technical + financial) in separate envelopes inserted into a bigger envelop is required of a prospective bidder

- The first of all your correspondence should have the name, phone number and email address of the contact person. 

Make all your proposals (technical and financial)  on your letter head paper, duly signed with the name and contact details of the signatory

- Submission of bids shall either be by hard copies dropped into our bid box located by the security post outside UN building ; central business district - Abuja or by email to : ngrsupply@unicef.org - don't copy anybody. You will an automated response - please don't reply

- Please ensure you quote the RFP number on your email or envelop. Failure to do so will render your proposal invalid. Please take note

- For enquiries on this RFP, kindly contact cadomati@unicef.org or psule@unicef.org

- Please note the deadline set for this RFP. Your response MUST reach us on or 12th August, 2019 ; noon.

Please note this mandatory requirement:

"This Request for Proposal is restricted to only locally incorporated businesses that are duly registered with the respective regulatory authorities. This may be the Central Bank of Nigeria (for financial institutions) or Nigerian Communications Commission (for the telephone companies) and other statutory registration as may be required. Please attach documentary evidence.”

christopher adomati - cadomati@unicef.org, Tel: +234 07064184022
Email: cadomati@unicef.org
First name: christopher
Surname: adomati
Telephone country code: Nigeria (+234)
Telephone number: 07064184022
Telephone extension: 6230
Philip Sule - psule@unicef.org, Tel: +234 8035350958
Email: psule@unicef.org
First name: Philip
Surname: Sule
Telephone country code: Nigeria (+234)
Telephone number: 8035350958
Telephone extension: 6231
J  -  Services
64000000  -  Financial Instruments, Products, Contracts and Agreements
64100000  -  Bank offered products
64101700  -  Electronic fund transfer and payment products
64101703  -  Money transfer application
The deadline for submission has been extended to 16th August, 2019.

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Changed/edited by: psule@unicef.org
Kindly note that there will pre-bidding conference on the 5th August, 2019 ; 11.00am at UN building - located on Diplomatic zone, Central business area ; Abuja. Please indicate your willingness to participate by sending an email to aewona@unicef.org copy psule@unicef.org and cadomati@unicef.org. This is for security checks and enable easy access to the premises.

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