Provision of Audit Services for UNOPS Bangladesh Implementing Partners (IPs) under the SHPR Programme Invitation to bid

Reference: ITB/2019/9288
Beneficiary country(ies): Bangladesh
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 11-Apr-2019
Deadline on: 25-Apr-2019 10:00 0.00

Tender description: The overall objective of this solicitation is to establish a Professional services contract to facilitate and expedite the process by which UNOPS will contract the Provision of Audit Services as further described in the document titled Section II: Schedule of Requirements.


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J  -  Services
84000000  -  Financial and Insurance Services
84110000  -  Accounting and bookkeeping services
84111600  -  Audit services
New amendment added #1: Amendment 01:Revision to “ITB_Section_III_ Returnable Bidding Forms”, Post Pre-bid Meeting Minutes and Includes the evaluation criteria for joint venture, consortium or association. The relevant Contract provisions indicated below are amended to read as follows;Document titled “ITB_Section_III_ Returnable Bidding Forms” is replaced with "ITB_Section_III_ Returnable Bidding Forms_Revision 1”.Posted the "Pre-bid Meeting Minutes" under “Documents”.Includes the joint venture, consortium or association evaluation criteria in “Bidder eligibility” under “Particulars”

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New clarification added: Question 1:Section II: Schedule of requirementsAnnex: 2 Format for Audit Opinion: Recently the audit opinion format has been changed. Shoudl we follow the format given in this annex? If yes, then it will be contradictory with the recent ISA updates of opinion. Please clarify this one.Answer 1:We would recommend that you follow the revised ISA and when reporting to include/indicate as footnoteQuestion 2: How many locations we need to go for field visit? Do we station there for other 10 offices in Cos's Bazar or get the required documents in Dhaka office and just visit the field?Answer 2: Location of the project documents are specified in the Annex 1 of the Terms of Reference/ ITB Section II: Schedule of Requirements. It is up to the audit to plan out the audit and field work completion as per the requirements of the Terms of Reference/ ITB Section II: Schedule of Requirements. The workplan of how the auditor plan this should be included in the FORM C of the Returnable Bidding Forms. Question 3:For all 10 IP's, is the office in one location or 10 different locations?Answer 3:Location of the project documents are specified in the Annex 1 of the Terms of Reference/ ITB Section II: Schedule of Requirements. 

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