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HydroHub Innovation Call for ”Operational Hydrometry”

HydroHub Innovation Call for ”Operational Hydrometry” Request for proposal

Reference: RFP 1514-18 (CLW)
Beneficiary country(ies): Switzerland
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 25-Jun-2018
Deadline on: 20-Aug-2018 15:00 (GMT 2.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris


The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is pleased to invite you to submit a  bid in response to Request for Proposal (RFP 1514-18) for provision of HydroHub Innovation Call for ”Operational Hydrometry”.

Background on the WMO Hydrohub can bee seen here: http://hydrohub.wmo.int/en/news/first-wmo-hydrohub-innovation-call

IMPORTANT NOTE: Interested vendors must respond to this tender using the WMO e-Tendering System, via the UNGM portal.

In order to access the full WMO tender details, request clarifications on the tender, and submit a vendor response to a tender using the system, vendors need to be registered as a WMO vendor at the UNGM portal and be logged into UNGM.

For guidance on how to register on UNGM and submit responses to WMO tenders in the WMO e-Tendering System system, please refer to the user guide attached here.

Please register as a "Company" and not as an "Individual Consultant"

Background IP: all IP on technologies, processes, data etc. that the bidder already possesses, stays with the bidder, no transfer of former rights is requested
Foreground IP: all IP that is created using the award (manuals, software, data, documentation etc.) is transferred to WMO unless the IP of a third party is involved if e.g. data is used that is collected by this third party
Background and foreground IP should be clearly defined, especially the IP that will be transferred after the project. Possible deviations from the above scheme have to be explicitly indicated by the bidder.

Thank You.

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