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CANCELLED Ground Improvement Works at Cap Haitian Port in HAITI

CANCELLED Ground Improvement Works at Cap Haitian Port in HAITI Request for proposal

Reference: RFP/2017/2597
Beneficiary country(ies): Haiti
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 19-Dec-2017
Deadline on: 27-Dec-2017 20:14 (GMT 0.00) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca

Tender description: UNOPS is seeking qualified firms for the works required for Ground Improvement by Compaction Grouting to mitigate risk of Liquefaction at the Cap Haitian Port in HAITI,  as further described in the document titled Section III: UNOPS Measured Price Construction Contract, included in the Documents section.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Interested vendors must respond to this tender using the UNOPS eSourcing system, via the UNGM portal. In order to access the full UNOPS tender details, request clarifications on the tender, and submit a vendor response to a tender using the system, vendors need to be registered as a UNOPS vendor at the UNGM portal and be logged into UNGM. For guidance on how to register on UNGM and submit responses to UNOPS tenders in the UNOPS eSourcing system, please refer to the user guide and other resources available at: https://esourcing.unops.org/#/Help/Guides

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Tender cancelled on 2017-12-27 20:14 UTC. UNOPS has decided to cancel this tendering in line with the below article in RFP_Section_I_Instructions to Offerors RFP-2017-2597–26. OTHER UNOPS RIGHTSSubject to Article 24 above, UNOPS shall have no obligation to accept any proposal, including the proposal with the lowest price. UNOPS may, in its absolute discretion, do all or any of the following: (vii) abandon, cancel or otherwise not proceed with the proposal process at any time prior to the award of a contract, without any liability toward the bidders and without providing any reason or notice to bidders.UNOPS Procurement would like to thank you for your manifested interest in this tender. We appreciate your effort and kindly request your participations in our future tenders. Thank you and Best Regards.

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