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Evaluation of UNESCO-China Funds-in-Trust (CFIT) Project: Improving Quality Teacher Education in a selected number of countries in Sub-Saharan Africa (Re-Bid) Request for proposal

Reference: ED/LTR/TLC/CFIT/580RAF1001.2.3
Beneficiary country(ies): Multiple destinations (see 'Countries' tab below)
Published on: 11-Sep-2015
Deadline on: 02-Oct-2015 18:00 (GMT 2.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris


United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) hereby invite qualified companies to submit sealed tenders as follows:
With the upcoming finalization of the implementation in Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Namibia (end 2015), it is timely for UNESCO to assess the results and performance of the CFIT project in the three countries (Part 1), and to reflect on how the project can be improved for the remaining period in the other five countries: Congo, DR Congo, Liberia, Tanzania, Uganda. The evaluation shall also be instrumental in developing an improved framework for the potential new phase of the CFIT project (2017/18) in the context of the post-2015 global education agenda. Based on the findings, conclusions and lessons learned of this evaluation a similar exercise, considering necessary adaptations in methodology and scope, shall also be conducted for Congo, DR Congo, Liberia, Tanzania, Uganda in 2016. (Part 2)

The CFIT project has been subject to consistent self-monitoring, and reporting, and underwent regular self-evaluations since its start. The main purpose of the present evaluation is to assess the quality of its implementation and its contribution to the objectives of the CFIT project in the countries. Specifically, it is expected that the external evaluation will:
(i) assess the 1. efficiency, 2. effectiveness, 3. relevance, 4. partnership and cooperation, 5. sustainability, and 6 (indications of) impact of the CFIT project in the targeted countries;
(ii) review and document the evolution of the CFIT project since its creation and identify lessons learnt in terms of approach, focus of support, management and monitoring methods. For that, the evaluation team shall provide an in-depth analysis of the project since its creation.

The findings and recommendations of the evaluation shall be used by UNESCO, the donor and other respective stakeholders to:
(i) demonstrate the CFIT project’s achievements and guide its redesign and corrective measures in consultation with the donor, and taking into account lessons learnt, past and future prospects, trends and opportunities;
define how the CFIT project should transition operationally into the post-2015 agenda, provide that the CFIT project will be extended beyond 2016, including through exit strategies of ongoing projects, when relevant.

Please refer to attached procurement notice

Aurora Cheung - a.cheung@unesco.org, Tel: +254 207622951
Email: a.cheung@unesco.org
First name: Aurora
Surname: Cheung
Telephone country code: Kenya (+254)
Telephone number: 207622951
Jianhong Dong - j.dong@unesco.org, Tel: +33 145681093
Email: j.dong@unesco.org
First name: Jianhong
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Telephone country code: France (+33)
Telephone number: 145681093
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