Rehabilitation of Rural road-4.85 in Srae Khvav commune, Angkor Chum District, Siem Reap province. Invitation to bid

Reference: ITB No: 06-2023
Beneficiary countries: Cambodia
Registration level: Registration at Level 1
Published on: 08-Nov-2023
Deadline on: 11-Dec-2023 11:30 (GMT -7.00)


Dear Sir/Madam,

The International Labour Organization (hereinafter the “ILO”) is pleased to invite your company to submit a Bid for the Rehabilitation of a rural road-4.85km in Srae Khvav commune, Angkor Chum District, Siem Reap Province and as further described in the bidding document.

Your Bid must be received by the ILO no later than 11/12/2023 before 11:30 Phnom Penh time. Late bids shall be rejected.

Bidders may obtain further information from, and inspect and acquire the bidding documents at the office, at

              ILO Project Office-Siem Reap

              Provincial Governor Office building-Siem Reap

              Siem Reap Town, Siem Reap Province

              Telephone: +855-17994747


Bidders may submit a Bid to the ILO provided that your company is qualified, able and willing to perform the works specified in this ITB. Participation in this ITB indicates acceptance of the Short Form ILO Construction Contract provided in the bidding document. Failure to comply with the requirements of this ITB and its Annexes may render a Bid ineligible for consideration.

We look forward to receiving your Bid.

Yours sincerely,