Provision of Media Services on Television Dialogue Series Request for proposal

Reference: UNDP-NGA-00116
Beneficiary countries: Nigeria
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 23-Mar-2023
Deadline on: 13-Apr-2023 03:10 (GMT -4.00)



In response to COVID-19 induced challenges and the other numerous issues such as high levels of unemployment and poverty, as well as insecurity, the Federal Government of Nigeria in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) initiated Imagine Nigeria, a strategic exercise to reflect on the future of Nigeria. The result of this exercise is a report which assesses and provides insight into how the crises facing Nigeria also presents opportunities for Nigeria to build a more inclusive and resilient nation.


The Imagine Nigeria Report is a foresight-oriented exercise that is neither a prediction of the future nor a national plan, rather it is an invitation to all Nigerians for a country-wide conversation on the future of the nation. The report explores the major trends that will help to shape the future of Nigeria, offers alternative scenarios to further the country’s development and provides a series of actionable recommendations to ensure national transformation. The findings and recommendations in the report came to life through a participatory exercise involving over 300 stakeholders and experts.  The exercise was guided by a High-Level panel made up of eminent stakeholders across government, private sector and civil society.


With the outputs of Imagine Nigeria—publications, interactive website, film documentaries, and toolkits—published and launched, the UNDP is now seeking to procure professional services of a media and television production firm to support phase two of the exercise (seeding of ideas). The firm will produce a and broadcast a television dialogue series and support the promotion of the output and the engagement of various stakeholders in national conversations and dialogues on the future, and in the process of building consensus around a national agenda for transformation. The conversation is expected to engage stakeholders across the public, government, local partners, private sector, civil society organizations, the international community and more.



UNDP Nigeria wishes to engage the services of one media and television production company to produce and broadcast a television dialogue series based on the outputs of the Imagine Nigeria exercise. Under the general guidance and supervision of the UNDP Imagine Nigeria technical team in close collaboration with the UNDP Communications team and members from the Office of the Vice President, the contractor will be responsible for producing and broadcasting six episodes of stakeholder dialogues on the future of Nigeria. Key activities will include:


·         Production: Design, planning and production of an interactive talk show type television show which will include six episodes (Imagine Nigeria, Culture of Innovation, Green Economy, Lead Africa, Build Trust and National Narratives) and live audience comprised of a diverse mix of representatives of the Nigerian society (civil society, government, private sector, development partners, youth etc.). The firm will be responsible for the Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. 

·         Facility and Stage Design: Secure the facility for the six episodes as well as undertake the stage design including producing the necessary banners and stage wall.  

·         Promotion: Develop promotional materials and content to promote the six episodes and disseminate as wide as possible to attract a large viewing audience. 

·         Broadcast: Broadcast the six episodes on two national television stations in prime time, stream online (web) and made available as video on demand on the web. The firm will hire TV airtime for two national television stations to broadcast the six episodes.


Content Production: Work with the Imagine Nigeria team to identify the panelists, speakers and participants (audience) for each of the six dialogues as well to define the issues to be covered, including questions for panelists.

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Surname: Emmanuel Ango