Logistics Assistance in the Implementation of MHPSS Sub-Cluster Response Plan in BARMM for the Typhoon Paeng Response Request for proposal

Reference: MHS-003-2022
Beneficiary countries: Philippines
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 24-Nov-2022
Deadline on: 29-Nov-2022 23:59 (GMT 8.00)


The World Health Organization (WHO) is seeking offers for logistics assistance in the Implementation of MHPSS Sub-Cluster Response Plan in BARMM during the Typhoon Paeng Response


During emergencies and disasters, access to important health services including those that promote and address concerns on the people’s psychological well-being are greatly affected. This could lead to mental health problems caused by the immense and unquantifiable sufferings in the lives of those affected particularly the vulnerable population whose capacity to cope with a disaster is limited.  Almost all people affected by emergencies will experience psychological distress, which for most people will improve over time.

People with severe mental disorders are especially vulnerable during emergencies and need access to mental health care and other basic needs. International guidelines recommend services at a number of levels ̶ from basic services to clinical care ̶ and indicate that mental health care needs to be made available immediately for specific, urgent mental health problems as part of the health response.

Despite their tragic nature and adverse effects on mental health, emergencies have shown to be opportunities to build sustainable mental health systems for all people in need. With this, psychosocial health supports are essential to protect mental and psychosocial well-being in emergencies through multi-sectoral collaboration in providing contextually and culturally appropriate psychosocial services.

The provision of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) services to the communities and individuals, particularly the vulnerable groups affected by Typhoon Paeng in BARMM is a crucial and life-saving stance that should be one of the priority areas in the ongoing health response.

As the Ministry of Health- BARMM and its partners continues to implement measure to support MHPSS as an important component of the ongoing response, it has requested the WHO Philippines to support the ongoing Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) initiatives for Typhoon Paeng Response.



Output 1: Inception Report with itemized work plan and Gantt chart of activities

Deliverable 1.1: Develop a work plan with Gantt chart of activities. The work plan will be part of the inception report that will be submitted to WHO Philippines at the beginning of the engagement. The inception report, to be submitted within 7 days of commencing the assignment, will demonstrate the contractual partner’s conceptual and implementation approach and methodology, scope of work, resources required, and the timeline of activities to guide the assignment and to meet the agreed upon deliverables.

Deliverable 1.2: Discuss the inception report and work plan with MOH BARMM and WHO Philippines.

Output 2: Logistics Support on the MHPSS Coordination and Needs Assessment for TY Paeng affected areas in BARMM

Deliverable 2.1: Support the ongoing MHPSS coordination and needs assessment for TY Paeng conducted by the MHPSS Sub-cluster (approx. 20 pax) in BARMM such as local travel coordination and documentation of consolidation of reports/ findings gathered etc.

Deliverable 2.2: Submit Progress Report with Documentation materials (e.g. proceedings, photos, videos, recordings, minutes, consolidated reports etc.).

Output 3: Production of MHPSS IEC Materials/ Tarpaulins

Deliverable 3.1: Design and or update existing MHPSS IEC Materials and Tarpaulins to be distributed/ posted in Typhoon Paeng hit areas in BARMM.

Deliverable 3.2: Print and facilitate distribution and posting of the approved MHPSS IEC Materials and Tarpaulins in BARMM.

Output 4: “Care for Carers” activities for TY Paeng Health Responders

Deliverable 4.1: Conduct “Care for Carer’s” activity/s (at least 5 batches, 30 pax/batch) for Typhoon Paeng Health Responders (e.g. stress management activities, psychosocial support).

Deliverable 4.2: Support coordination and documentation of the weekly meetings for the MHPSS Sub-Cluster Team Members (approx. 20 pax)

Output 5: Technical Narrative and Financial Report

Deliverable 5.1: Submit Final Technical Report including possible recommendations with supporting documentation (e.g. proceedings, minutes, photos, videos, recordings, attendance sheet, presentations)

Deliverable 5.2: Submit final financial report



The successful bidder is expected to demonstrate experience and list relevant projects as follows:

Mandatory experience

  • Team Leader must have at least 5 years of relevant work experience in Mental Health or MHPSS assessment, capacity building and implementation and other related public health programmes

Desirable experience

  • • Relevant experience in mental health program planning, operations and MHPSS implementation; familiar with the health system and community system of the BARMM
  • • With good technical writing and facilitation skills, knowledgeable in basic computer programs and virtual/online platforms, efficient organizational and project/program management skills



Qualified and interested specialists should submit the following documents to the Supply Officer through WP RO UNGM at < wproungm@who.int > by 29 November 2022

  • • Company Profile {for institutional applications} 
  • • Technical proposal indicating solution, methodology and timelines, in addition to the below annexes: 
    • o   Annex 2: Confidentiality Undertaking
    • o   Annex 3: Vendor Information Form
  • • Financial proposal

Please use Tender Notice No. MHS-003-2022 as subject to all submission. Only successful candidates will be contacted.