Consultancy – Support with strengthening mental health capacity in the Pacific Island Countries and territories Request for EOI

Reference: WPRO/2021-09/PIC_DPS/140941
Beneficiary countries: Fiji
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 02-Sep-2021
Deadline on: 15-Sep-2021 23:59 (GMT 13.00)



WHO Division of Pacific Technical Support works with Ministries of Health across the Pacific Island Countries and territories (PICs) to strengthen mental health support for people who need it. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of mental health communication strategies for general population, including on how to access mental health services, de-stigmatising stress and mental health conditions and encouraging healthy coping strategies among the population.

Short ‘web comics’ which are easily shared on social media have increased in popularity over the years, and serve as a helpful way to communicate mental health messages in easy-to-read and understand formats.



The WHO seeks to contract a comic artist to produce 3 x 4 panel cartoon strips incorporating and promoting specific mental health messages for sharing on social media, with a cultural sensitivity, cultural awareness, cultural adaptivity lens, to raise awareness of mental health in Fiji and the Pacific Island Countries and territories.



WHO is looking for an artist with expertise in creating mental health comics to create three easy-to-read comics for use in the Pacific Island Countries and territories. WHO will provide key messages for these comics (see below), and the contractor will be responsible for the creative conceptualisation, illustration, copy writing and graphic design/ layout into social media cards. The concept should culturally sensitive and culturally appropriate for the region

The final product must be in both editable format (to allow countries to adapt, e.g. by putting their logo on to it, adapting helpline numbers) and ready-to-use format. The final product will have WHO logo on it, with the copyright belonging to WHO. 

Information about the final product

Key messages

The three comics should incorporate the following key messages:

Comic 1: should incorporate messages on “it’s good to talk” centring around the theme that when you feel stressed, talking or reaching out to others can help. The aim of this comic is to support community members to seek help when they are feeling stressed. WHO and the Ministries of Health will then put contact numbers for helplines (e.g. counselling) so community members know where to go to seek help. This is to be circulated as part of World Mental Health Day activities (10th October 2021) which has the theme of increasing access to services.

Comic 2: should incorporate solidarity messages around how to support someone else who is stressed, e.g. that it is good to reach out to someone else who is struggling and ask how they are doing. Key messages centring around the idea that we are all in this together, and we can support each other by doing simple things.

Comic 3: should incorporate messages that it is okay to feel stressed, especially when stressful things happen (E.g. COVID-19 pandemic, cyclones). Option to also include messages around being kind to each other and ourselves during difficult times (such a COVID-19, after cyclones).

Visuals – characters, background

Characters should be simple, ‘cute’ and relatable to the audiences in the Pacific Island Countries and territories. They do not need to of identifiable animal or human forms.

The comics should be as simple as possible, but if there is to be any backdrop of props they should include elements important to the PIC culture (e.g. the sea, palm trees, land).


The tone of the comics should be kind, empathetic, non-stigmatising, and relatable to a variety of audiences.



Output 1: Completion of comic 1

Deliverable 1.1:

  • • Draft characters and story outline for comic 1, updated based on WHO and other stakeholders’ feedback.

Deliverable 1.2:

  • • Final editable comic strip 1 in social media card format, including WHO and Ministry of Health logo, and contact numbers, updated on feedback from WHO and other stakeholders.

Output 2: Completion of comics 2 & 3

Deliverable 2.1:

  • • Draft characters and story outline for comics 2 & 3, updated based on WHO and other stakeholders’ feedback.

Deliverable 2.2:

  • • Final editable comic strips 2 & 3 in social media card format, including WHO and Ministry of Health logo, and contact numbers, updated on feedback from WHO and other stakeholders.



At least one person in the team needs to meet the following:

Essential: Previous experience of creating mental health comics for general public

Desirable: Previous experience working in the Pacific Island Countries and territories



Written and spoken fluency in English (Read – Write – Speak / "Advanced" level) is essential.



Place of assignment

There is no determined place of assignment. The contractual partner can be based anywhere and conduct work remotely where required. The contractor will be required to be available for meetings on Fiji hours.


Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no travel is planned for this time period.

Contract duration

30 September 2021 - 15 December 2021



Qualified and interested specialists should submit their CV {for individual contractors} or Company Profile {for institutional applications}, Expression of Interest {cover letter} and portfolio of previous work related to this tender to the Supply Officer through WP RO UNGM at < wproungm@who.int > by 15 September 2021

The cover letter should outline how their experience and qualifications make them a suitable candidate for this position and should include their proposed daily consultancy fee and availability.

Please use Tender Notice No. 140941 as subject to all submission. Only successful candidates will be contacted.

Thu Ha Le - wproungm@who.int
Email: wproungm@who.int
First name: Thu Ha
Surname: Le