Provision of services to support the institutionalization of participatory, innovative, and forward-looking planning and policy development in migration management in North Macedonia Request for proposal

Reference: RFP/MCD/2021/01
Beneficiary country(ies): Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic
Registration level: Level 1
Published on: 14-Jul-2021
Deadline on: 19-Aug-2021 23:59 (GMT 2.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris


Under overall coordination of UNHCR, in collaboration with IOM and UNFPA, advise and support the UN system in North Macedonia to:

  • Build capacities and systems for improved participatory, forward-looking, and innovative migration management for national stakeholders with competences in the area of migration management, with particular focus on the entities represented in the Inter-ministerial body.
  • Develop capacities for foresight and future thinking across key relevant stakeholders to advocate for a society wide adoption of forward-looking planning and policy development in the domains of UNHCR interest (protection and solutions).

Elvedina Percuklievska - maricel@unhcr.org, Tel: +389 071 387 148
Email: maricel@unhcr.org
First name: Elvedina
Surname: Percuklievska
Telephone country code: Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic (+389)
Telephone number: 071 387 148
Petar Dimitrov - dimitrop@unhcr.org, Tel: +389 70 408 412
Email: dimitrop@unhcr.org
First name: Petar
Surname: Dimitrov
Telephone country code: Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic (+389)
Telephone number: 70 408 412
Sustainable Procurement (SP) practices integrate requirements, specifications and criteria that are compatible and in favour of the protection of the environment, of social progress and in support of economic development, namely by seeking resource efficiency, improving the quality of products and services, and ultimately optimizing costs” (HLCM Procurement Network).Sustainable Procurement is not only one of the SDGs (SDG 12 and goal 12.7), it also contributes to the achievement of all SDGs. This tender meets the United Nations requirements to be considered sustainable. It incorporates at least 3 sustainability considerations (one for each pillar of sustainable development - environmental, social and economic), in accordance with the HLCM Procurement Network’s Sustainable Procurement Working Group - Sustainability Indicators Framework. To learn more about which considerations are included in this tender, please see below for a specific description. All questions related to these considerations should be directed to the procurement official and/or author of this tender.
Climate change mitigation and adaptation Environmental

The tender contains sustainability considerations for preventing or minimizing damage associated with climate change.


Energy efficiency, greenhouse gas reporting and emission offsetting.

Gender issues Social

The tender contains sustainability considerations addressing gender equality and women's empowerment.


Gender mainstreaming, targeted employment of women, promotion of women-owned businesses.

Local communities, MSMEs and supplier diversity Economic

The tender contains sustainability considerations regarding local SMEs, local communities or disadvantaged groups.


Reserved labour opportunities for local communities, use of local materials, reserved procurements for local companies

J  -  Services
93000000  -  Politics and Civic Affairs Services
93100000  -  Political systems and institutions
93101500  -  Political bodies
93101504  -  Political legislature services
Deadline extended until 19/08/2021 - 23:59 hrs CET

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