Guinea Bissau – COVID-19 Pressure Swing Adsorption Plant Project [2021-022_WPE-HCR_G.BisPSA] Request for proposal

Reference: HQ/BOS/SUP/SHQ/P/0005546
Beneficiary countries: Guinea-Bissau
Published on: 04-Jul-2021
Deadline on: 28-Jul-2021 17:00 (GMT 2.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

RFP Published by WHO on 02 July 2021
The date appearing above as “Published on” may differ since it corresponds to the publication of additional sets of documents such as Answers to Bidders questions if any.

Dear Prospective Bidder,

Subject: Request for Proposal 2021-022_WPE-HCR_G.BisPSA - Guinea Bissau – COVID-19 Pressure Swing Adsorption Plant Project.

You are invited to submit a proposal for the above mentioned Request for Proposals for the World Health Organization (WHO), Department of [Department name] in accordance with the RFP documents: please click on "Express Interest", “View Documents”, and then, on the “RFP Documents” tab:

Request for Proposal
Appendix 1 – Template self assessment technical requirements (to be submitted with Technical Proposal)
Appendix 2 - Template for Life Cycle Costing (to be submitted with Financial Proposal)
Annex 1 - Acknowledgement Form
Annex 2 - Confidentiality Undertaking Form
Annex 3 - Proposal Completeness Form
Annex 4 - Information about Bidder
Annex 5 - Acceptance Form
Annex 6 - Bidder Self-Declaration Form
Annex 7 - UNGM guide: Instructions on how to register with WHO and access WHO tenders
Questions from Bidders - Excel template

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