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Video Production and Editing Services in New York, USA

Video Production and Editing Services in New York, USA Request for quotation

Reference: RFQ/2021/19194
Beneficiary country(ies): United States of America
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 15-Mar-2021
Deadline on: 25-Mar-2021 22:00 (GMT 0.00) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca

UNOPS is pleased to invite prospective bidders to submit their quotations for provision of Video Production and Editing Services for UNAOC in New York, USA in accordance with the UNOPS General Conditions of Contract and the “Schedule of Requirements” herein uploaded as “Section II_ScheduleofRequirements” as set out in this Request for Quotation (RFQ).

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New clarification added: 1) I would like to inquire about the relation of the videos to the Peacebuilders program; will these videos (the 3 advocacy videos and the promo video) be used before the program as part of the marketing campaign, or are they produced as part of the post-program campaign? This relates to the material/footage that will be used in the videos and if it will be with participants and trainers who have already participated in the program or of those who will still participate in an upcoming edition of the program. Answer: The 3 advocacy videos will showcase the work of the current participants of Young Peacebuilders but should be timeless in the end. It documents the power of the youth in peacebuilding and has the objective of convincing policymakers and other relevant stakeholders to include youth when taking important decisions.The promo video could also showcase participants of other editions of Young Peacebuilders, this can be discussed later. No future participants are involved in the videos.2) Being based in the East Coast, we might want to grab in-person interviews for participants, trainers, or UNAOC staff that are within the geographic vicinity, while heading strict COVID protocols in filming, would that be something to consider? We are asking because there was a specific mention of obtaining the interviews without travelling. Answer: Almost all the participants and trainers live in the MENA region (the Middle East and Nort Africa) and West-Africa. We'll have to find innovative ways to acquire footage. The videos will be mainly based on existing materials, but we expect some additional interviews. All the additional materials will have to be acquired via online tools such as zoom/Teams. There is no budget available to go and film locally. 

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New clarification added: 1. All existing material will be provided by UNOPS? If so, will you share everything on a hard drive?Answer: Yes, indeed, we will share all the existing materials, like raw video files, the participants' pictures and videos, project documents, etc. The way how we can discuss later, but this can be google drive, WeTransfer, per email, links to websites, etc.2. For remote capturing, do you foresee Zoom/Teams recordings, or that we find local-based film teams? In how many locations?Answer: The videos will be mainly based on existing materials, but we expect some additional interviews with participants/trainers. All the additional materials will have to be acquired via online tools such as zoom/Teams. There is no budget available to go and film locally.3. We can be based abroad and work from remote? Answer: Yes, indeed. See answers above.4. Regarding: "Subject to availability of funds, UNOPS shall have the right to amend the contract to increase the number of videos using the same technical requirements" -> Do you mean that UNOPS can increase/decrease the amount of videos and the project price will fluctuate accordingly? Answer: Yes, UNOPS can increase the amount of videos. No decrease is expected. 5. Will all source material be in English? If not, which language would it be in? And would UNOPS provide translations? If not, what is the estimated length of spoken words in minutes?Answer: Source materials are in English. No translation needed.6. The outcomes have to be in English? Or do you foresee translated versions?Answer: Outcomes have to be in English

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