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Unattended Current Monitor Module for Unattended Monitoring Systems

Unattended Current Monitor Module for Unattended Monitoring Systems Request for proposal

Reference: RFP 420325-AY
Beneficiary country(ies): Austria
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 15-Sep-2020
Deadline on: 23-Oct-2020 17:00 (GMT 2.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris


The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) hereby invites suppliers to submit quotations, proposals or bids, as appropriate, for the provision of goods and/or services and/or works, as defined in the attached documentation.

In preparing and submitting your quotation, proposal or bid, you are required to follow the IAEA "General Instructions for Bidders" (also found at https://www.iaea.org/sites/default/files/iaeaforbidders.pdf) and "Special Instructions to Bidders" attached.

Please notify the Responsible Contracting Staff mentioned above if any part of this solicitation is missing.

Thank you.

Ajcharawan Yubolkosol - a.yubolkosol@iaea.org
Email: a.yubolkosol@iaea.org
First name: Ajcharawan
Surname: Yubolkosol
B  -  Industrial Equipment & Tools
23000000  -  Industrial Manufacturing and Processing Machinery and Accessories
23150000  -  Industrial process machinery and equipment and supplies
23210000  -  Electronic manufacturing machinery and equipment and accessories
E  -  Medical, Laboratory & Test Equipment & Supplies & Pharmaceuticals
41000000  -  Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment
41100000  -  Laboratory and scientific equipment
41110000  -  Measuring and observing and testing instruments
41113600  -  Electrical measuring and testing equipment and accessories
41113625  -  Ionization chambers
41113637  -  Voltage or current meters
41113679  -  Current transformer and potential transformer test equipment
41113684  -  Voltage and current meter calibrator
41113700  -  Electronic and communication measuring and testing instruments
Closing date extended to 23 October 2020 17:00 Vienna Time.

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Bid clarifications added.

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