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Construction works on the Booster Pipeline from Žujince to the Reservoir “Loši Izvori”, in the Municipality of Preševo, Republic of Serbia

Construction works on the Booster Pipeline from Žujince to the Reservoir “Loši Izvori”, in the Municipality of Preševo, Republic of Serbia Invitation to bid

Reference: ITB/2020/16026
Beneficiary country(ies): Serbia, Republic of
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 14-Sep-2020
Deadline on: 06-Oct-2020 10:00 0.00

Tender description: Construction works on the Booster Pipeline from Žujince to the Reservoir “Loši Izvori”, in the Municipality of Preševo, Republic of Serbia

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This tender integrates considerations for one or a few sustainability indicators but does not meet the requirements to be considered as sustainable
Human rights and labour issues Social

The tender contains sustainability considerations related to human rights, fundamental principles and rights at work, occupational health and safety, fairly traded goods, targeted employment of people with disabilities, etc.

J  -  Services
72000000  -  Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services
72140000  -  Heavy construction services
72141200  -  Marine construction services
72141213  -  Waterway construction service
New clarification added: Question:In the instructions to bidders on how to make a bid do not give the form of a letter of intent to the bank. Is it possible to provide us with a letter form with specific information? Answer:There is no template of the letter of intent. It is the subject of each bank and its policy. It should be in English language and state the tender number and full name of the tender. Also must contain statement that the bank will issue Bank Guarantee for performance in 10% of the total contract amount  and that the Bank Guarantee will cover the implementation of the all works. Upon issuance of Taking Over Certificate, it will be reduced to 5% of the contract price to cover the 12 months of Defects Notification Period + 30 days until issuance of the Final Completion Certificate. Letter of intent amount depends on your financial offer and should be valid 120 days from the date of offer submission. 

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New amendment added #2: Meeting minutes from the pre-bid meeting/site visit prepared and must be appended to solicitation and posting it online.Change of the ITB_Section_II_ReturnableBidSchedules due to "typo" mistake in the tender number. Change of the details related to the issuing of Letter of Intent to issue bank guarantee for performance and  Bank Guarantee for performance. Change of the deadline for clarifications and extension of the deadline for the offers submission and change of Expected contract award date.

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New clarification added: Question:In case the bid is submitted by a group of bidders, registration of each member of the group on the portal UNOPS is mandatory?Answer:If the bidder is joint venture, consortium or association each member of the group should be registered on UNGM web portal.

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New amendment added #1: ITB_Section_III_Short form Contruction Contract_template should be upladed.

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