To conduct the advanced model analysis, follow these steps:

  1. Download this template.
  2. Modify the required risk rating and add the spending data for the categories.
  3. Fill out the fields below.
  4. Select the modified template.
  5. Click on the Generate button.
Sustainable Analysis
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Analysis Result
SPP Analysis Results for {{uvm.result.Organization}} ({{uvm.result.FormattedStartDate}} to {{uvm.result.FormattedEndDate}})

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Category Spending data ({{ uvm.result.Currency }}) Group Total Environment Score Total Social Responsibility Score Total Governance Score Average Sustainability Score
{{ category.Family }} {{ category.SpendingAmount | local_decimal }} {{ category.Group | dictionary : 'CategoryGroup' }} {{ category.EnvironmentScore | in_percentage }} {{ category.SocialResponsibilityScore | in_percentage }} {{ category.GovernanceScore | in_percentage }} {{ category.EsgScore | in_percentage }}