• The Annual Statistical Report on UN Procurement

    The Annual Statistical Report on United Nations Procurement (ASR) provides an overview of the procurement of the United Nations system in support of its operations, projects and programmes. The report provides a range of information about the categories of goods and services procured by the United Nations system, as well as the countries from which these goods and services were procured. The Annual Statistical Report on UN Procurement includes:

    • UN procurement by country of supply
    • A trend analysis of UN procurement from developing countries and countries with economies in transition
    • The top 10 items and product groups procured by the UN
    • UN procurement from vendors that support the Global Compact
    • A comparative analysis of the share of goods and services split by organization
    • UN procurement from members of the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee
    • An analysis of countries with the largest procurement increase over the previous 10 years
    • An analysis of procurement by sectors of categories of goods and services
    • A category analysis of goods and services procured from developing countries and transition economies
    • Revised sustainability indicators allowing for an improved understanding of UN system performance in sustainable procurement implementation. 

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  • Emergency Relief Items Vol.1 - Compendium of Generic Specifications

    This compendium lists generic specifications for Telecommunications, Shelter & Housing, Water Supply, Food, Sanitation & Hygiene and Materials Handling. This publication was revised in March 2010.

  • Emergency Relief Items Vol. 2 - Compendium of Basic Specifications

    This compendium lists basic specifications for Medical Supplies and Equipment, Selected Essential Drugs, Guidelines for Drug Donations, Guidelines for the Safe Disposal of Unwanted Pharmaceuticals, The New Emergency Health Kit.
    N.B. this publication was revised in July 1999, as such some of the specifications and guidelines may be dated and should be used as a broad reference only.