Long Term Arrangement for Event Management and Hotel Program Service Provider for UNICEF Globally Request for proposal

Reference: RFPS-NYH-2019-503049
Beneficiary countries: Multiple destinations (see 'Countries' tab below)
Published on: 15-Jun-2019
Deadline on: 14-Jul-2019 23:59 (GMT -4.00)


UNICEF wishes to invite you to submit an offer for the above tender. Please find attached for your reference the Request for Proposal RFPS-NYH-2019-503049. This RFPS document is comprised of the following:

- RFPS-NYH-2019-503049 including Annex A - The UNICEF General Terms and Conditions of Contract (Services)

- Annex B: The Terms of Reference

- Annex C: Evaluation Method and Criteria

- Annex D: Price Proposal Format with Template Sheet A - P (to be completed by the Proposer)

- Annex E: Vendor Master Registration Template (to be completed by the Proposer)

- Annex F: Information on Bid Conference



1. The proposals must be submitted to the following email address: nysdbidding@unicef.org with subject line RFPS-NYH-2019-503049. Do not send general queries to this email.

2. Proposer may send as many e-mails as needed. However, the size of each e-mail (including the attachments) should not exceed ten (10) megabytes. Please refer to RFPS Special Notes Terms and Condition No. 5.6 on marking of the Technical and Price Proposals. As an email can take some time to arrive after it sent, we advise all Proposers to send email submissions well before the deadline. Please be aware that proposals emailed to UNICEF will be rejected if they are received after the deadline for bid submission.

3. For any queries related to this tender, please send email to: Karla Dalimunthe (kdalimunthe@unicef.org) and cc Mariano Fleschler (mfleschler@unicef.org).

4. Proposals must be received latest by 23.59 hours (New York time) on 14 July 2019.


Best Regards