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LRPS No.9148614/ Digital Web Services for Children4Change Website BID EXTENSION TO 19 JUNE 2019

LRPS No.9148614/ Digital Web Services for Children4Change Website BID EXTENSION TO 19 JUNE 2019 Request for proposal

Reference: LRPS No.9148614
Beneficiary country(ies): Malaysia
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 10-Jun-2019
Deadline on: 19-Jun-2019 15:00 (GMT 8.00) Beijing, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong


UNICEF Malaysia is seeking for a digital agency to update and maintain our Children4Change website.
1. Background
The Children4Change microsite was created in conjunction with the 2012 Universal Children’s Day to promote child participation and later updated as a channel to create awareness and engagement on issues that matter to young people in Malaysia.
The microsite was updated in 2016 and built using wordpress CMS. The site includes information pages and a blog with a variety of article formats for young people around issues such as gender equality; bullying; internet safety; environment; and child participation.
2. Rationale
Adolescents and youth (10-24 years old) make up almost 30% of Malaysia’s population. They have come of age in an environment of unprecedented potential for empowerment, living in an inter-connected world transformed by technology.
According to the 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP): “Our youth are actors of change who will define the future identity of Malaysia for the nation to move forward.”
In support of the 11MP vision, UNICEF Malaysia aims to mobilise youth in the country around vital issues relating to their healthy development, knowledge and self-expression. UNICEF Malaysia’s Children4Change blog and Instagram are key communication platforms currently utilized to raise awareness among adolescents and youth in Malaysia, and are important tools for sharing information and receiving feedback in return from this audience.
To resonate with young people and facilitate engagement, the Children4Change blog articles must be written in youth friendly formats and languages, in a style that is lively, free of jargon, and where possible using humour. Articles should ideally include a mix of English and Malay languages.
3. Purpose and Objective of Assignment
The objective of this assignment is to enhance and manage the appearance and functionality of the Children4Change website across platforms, including desktop, mobile, and tablets.
Hosting, domain and SSL certificate renewal not required.
The website is built on WordPress domain unicef.my; and sits in a Dell 1U Server (Intel Dual Quad Core Xeon), server information as follows:
- HDD1: 2 x 1TB NL- SAS HDD
- HDD2: 1 x 1TB Backup SAS HDD
- Hardware RAID with 512MB Cache
- Control Panel: cPanel
- Bandwidth: 100Mbps
- Operating System: CentOS 7 64bit
- IP Address: 2 Dedicated IP
UNICEF Malaysia Communications, 2019 | v2 5 April 2019
4. Work Assignment
a) Refresh and Update Look
• Incorporate the CRC30 logo into the website header
• Update the website’s structure, design and organization to reflect current mobile-optimised trends popular with young people in Malaysia
o Refresh homepage design
o Refresh blog article page structure
o Add two new sections to website, including one page on CRC30
o Archive old section pages
• Ensure a consistent visual language ensuring consistency in fonts, formatting, icons, images, layout techniques.
• Standard page elements including header, footer, tabs, persistent navigation, contact us, email should be updated
• Adapt the database of the C4C site to include new categories to display the information in an organic way.
b) Clean Up Backend, Update and Introduce New Plugins
• Ensure all pages have proper meta data, URLs, tags and key words for search engine optimization.
• Update and/or replace all website plugins as appropriate
• Ensure copyright dates are updated, links are fixed
• Clean up the backend, including removing unnecessary files, images, etc.
• Add functioning response plugins for Blog section (articles)
• Ensure social media integration works effectively for all pages (shareable content); and content is properly reflected when links shared on social media platforms.
• Add translate function for text
• Add signup for latest news
• Ensure all functionalities are mobile optimized
c) Support and Maintenance
• Carry out monthly maintenance and updating of website to ensure performance across all major browsers • Carry out regular and thorough backups of the site so that it may be fully restored in case of loss. The backup, code and source files will be delivered in full to client on closing of the contract • Carry out testing system that checks for broken hyperlinks on the site. • Develop a user manual for UNICEF Malaysia staff to perform content upload, system maintenance and administration. • Monitor the server logs to see most popular pages and downloads and generate regular reports.
UNICEF Malaysia Communications, 2019 | v2 5 April 2019
d. Search Engine Optimization and site analysis
• Ensure the search engine optimization for the website. The SEO work will include:
o Keyword research & analysis
o Site analysis
o Competitive analysis
o Site content optimization
o HTML code optimization
o Search Engine submission (free searchengines)
o Link exchange
o Web ranking report
• Provide detailed reports analyzing progress, trends and areas to be improved. The reports should also include comprehensive and cumulative figures for downloads; as well as a competitor analysis.
5. Deliverables Timeline
All new developments listed in this section will be built in the current Children4Change website operated in Word Press.
Week 1-4
• Review of website and recommendations
• Website structure cleaned up (old pages archived)
• CRC30 Logo incorporated into Website
• Copyright dates are updated, links are fixed
Week 5-8
• Homepage updated with new design that is optimized for mobile
• All website images optimized for mobile
• Social media integration corrected.
• Response plugins implemented.
• Onpage SEO such as Meta tags (title, description, keywords), alt tag etc updated
• Plugin updates; and ensure plugins working effectively. • Backups of the site so that it may be fully restored in case of loss.
• Provide monthly report.
• Website’s structure, page organization updated
• Onpage SEO such as Meta tags (title, description, keywords), alt tag etc updated
6. Clearance of Deliverables
All deliverables will be reviewed and cleared by the Project Supervisor. Payments for deliverables will be processed only after sign-off and approval; and receipt of invoice.
UNICEF Malaysia Communications, 2019 | v2 5 April 2019
7. Copyright
UNICEF owns exclusive rights to the content, it must not be used, shared or published in any other way, without written permission from UNICEF.
8. Estimated Duration of Contract
18 months from July 2019 – December 2020
9. Consultant Work Place
UNICEF Malaysia will provide no local services, personnel or facilities to the successful Agency. The Agency shall provide all the activities mentioned in the Outputs including the covering of relevant costs within the contract.
The Agency is expected to work while using own technical equipment and office space.
10. Contract Supervisor
UNICEF Malaysia Communication Specialist
11. Type of Supervision that will be Provided
The project supervisor will ensure proper briefing on the Assignment, compliance with the ToR, initial and ongoing work-planning and timely delivery of the expected outputs/results. Upon completion of the tasks, the supervisor will evaluate the work produced by the Agency; and follow-up on the payments.
12. Performance Reviews and Performance Indicators for Evaluation of Results
Frequency of performance reviews :
Trial evaluation
6 months
Final evaluation :
18 months
Performance Indicators :
1) Meeting Deadlines
2) Quality of work
UNICEF will monitor performance indicators on a monthly basis for first 6 months. If performance is good, the contract will be extended for an additional 18 months with monthly assessment of performance.
In the case of under-delivery, an assessment and evaluation will be conducted and discussed during the quarterly performance review. Based on the evaluation and severity of the under-delivery, UNICEF and agency to come up with agreed action plans to course correct. If there is a consistent under-delivery, there is an option to terminate contract. The termination clause as stipulated in the General Terms and Conditions of Contract will require One (1) month of termination notice from either party.
UNICEF Malaysia Communications, 2019 | v2 5 April 2019
13. Desired Qualifications, Specialised Knowledge and Experience • Agency with a minimum of 5 years-proven experience designing visually appealing and navigation-friendly websites. • Familiarity and relevant experience in using different Content Management Systems (CMS), particularly WordPress; • Have a broad knowledge of current web development technologies and design tools in the field, and new software and other web programming languages and programs • Have excellent knowledge of recent trends in graphic design, web sites, including online video publishing, and social media networking;
• Ability to work within given budget and demonstrate cost-effectiveness
• Wide network of partnerships that enables it to scale its digital marketing activities
14. Proposed Payment Schedule
The payment will be made monthly and will be directly linked with the satisfactory deliverables at specific time intervals; and as certified by the Project Supervisor. Payment will be made within 30 days receipt of invoice.
15. Nature of ‘Penalty Clause’ to be stipulated in Contract
Unsatisfactory performance, if any, will be highlighted in the monthly progress meeting. The Agency must ensure steps would be taken to improve productivity and quality. Continuance of the unsatisfactory performance may result in with-holding of payments until quality deliverables are met.
If the agency is unable to complete the assignment, the contract will be terminated by notification letter sent 30 days prior to the termination date. In the meantime, UNICEF will initiate another selection process to identify appropriate candidate. In case of unsatisfactory performance, the payment will be withheld until quality deliverables are submitted.
16. Structure and Evaluation Process of the Proposal:
Each proposal will be assessed first on its technical merits and subsequently on its price. In making the final decision, UNICEF will consider both technical and financial aspects. The Evaluation Team first reviews the technical aspect of the offer followed by the review of the financial offer of the technically compliant agencies.
The proposal obtaining the overall highest score after adding the scores for the technical and financial proposals is the proposal that offers best value for money and will be recommended for award of the contract.
UNICEF Malaysia Communications, 2019 | v2 5 April 2019
17. Evaluation weighting criteria:
Submissions will be evaluated in consideration of the following evaluation criteria:
Evaluation Criteria – total 100 points
a. Profile and experience of the company (including samples of work and list of clients) 40%
b. Professional capacity and experience of professionals assigned for project 30%
o lead developer (minimum 4 years experience),
o junior developer,
o graphic designer and
o SEO expert
c. The financial offer will account for a maximum of 30%.
18. To Submit a Proposal
If you have the required qualifications and are interested in this contract, please submit:
o A proposal describing the previous work done in this area;
o A portfolio of previous work of webs with similar functionalities developed in Word Press;
o CVs of the lead developer, junior developer, graphical integrator, graphic designer and SEO expert in charge of this project to be included in the proposal;
o A financial proposal to address the work. (Financial quotation should be itemized. This fee should be inclusive of ALL considerations.)

Jasson Lim - jlim@unicef.org, Tel: +60 20959154
Email: jlim@unicef.org
First name: Jasson
Surname: Lim
Telephone country code: Malaysia (+60)
Telephone number: 20959154
Telephone extension: 9110
Khalilullah Totakhail - ktotakhail@unicef.org, Tel: +60 86877900
Email: ktotakhail@unicef.org
First name: Khalilullah
Surname: Totakhail
Telephone country code: Malaysia (+60)
Telephone number: 86877900
Saiful Mohd Ariff - smohdariff@unicef.org, Tel: +60 2095 9154
Email: smohdariff@unicef.org
First name: Saiful
Surname: Mohd Ariff
Telephone country code: Malaysia (+60)
Telephone number: 2095 9154
Telephone extension: 9106
G  -  Business, Communication & Technology Equipment & Supplies
43000000  -  Information Technology Broadcasting and Telecommunications
43230000  -  Software
43232300  -  Data management and query software
43232309  -  Information retrieval or search software
43232500  -  Educational or reference software
43232510  -  Geographic information system
43233500  -  Information exchange software
45000000  -  Printing and Photographic and Audio and Visual Equipment and Supplies
45110000  -  Audio and visual presentation and composing equipment
45111800  -  Video and combination video and audio presentation equipment and hardware and controllers
45111812  -  Visual information display device