LITB-2019-9149451 Establishment of Stationery LTA - Yemeni Companies Only Invitation to bid

Reference: LITB-2019-9149451
Beneficiary country(ies): Yemen
Published on: 02-Jun-2019
Deadline on: 25-Jun-2019 11:00 (GMT 3.00) Baghdad, Riyadh, Moscow, St. Petersburg


LITB-2019-9149451 Establishment of Stationery Long Term Arrangement - UNICEF Yemen Country Office. 

Important Notes: Offers didn't match the below criteria will not be considered.  
1- This tender is applicable only for suppliers registered in Yemen, well-established, and specialized in Stationary Field with extensive experience for 5 years, and registered at UNGM website. 
2- Supplier must offer based on unit price. Prices indicated must be valid for 24 months extendable.
3- UNICEF may request (more or less) Quantities from that indicated in the (estimated quantity per Year) column at Annex B attached.
4- Your offer must include the below Documentation:
4.1) legal registration document: Trade registration, Tax card, Zakah card. etc. 4.2) Company profile & branches. 4.3) List of experience in stationery field must with UN agencies, INGOs. 4.4) Catalogue for each item must be provided along with company offer (if applicable).
5- Your offer must include the below information: 
5.1) Supplier must mention the brand name, model (if applicable) for each item in Annex B. 5.2) Supplier must provide UNGM registration number. 5.3) Supplier must define the Delivery time & delivery term. such as UNICEF Offices at Sana'a, Aden, Hodieda, Ibb, Sada'a. Or other delivery terms. UNICEF will confirm the delivery time at purchase order stage. 5.4) Supplier can propose a discount if the order exceed a certain quantity.
6- Supplier can provide more than one option for each item.
7- Samples will be requested at further evaluation stage in this tender.
8- Offer must be physically sent in SEALED envelope to bid box installed at Reception gate in UNICEF Sana'a Office. Or to be sent by email ONLY to " yembid@unicef.org".
9- The reference LITB-2019-9149451 & Supplier Name must be clearly shown on the envelope / Email subject.
10- Offers must be received before the mentioned deadline (25 June 2019 at 11:00 hours (11:00 AM - Sana'a Time)). 

Mohammed Al-Fakih - YEM-Procurement@unicef.org, Tel: +967 1 211400
Email: YEM-Procurement@unicef.org
First name: Mohammed
Surname: Al-Fakih
Telephone country code: Yemen (+967)
Telephone number: 1 211400
Telephone extension: 247
A  -  Raw Materials, Chemicals, Paper, Fuel
14000000  -  Paper Materials and Products
14110000  -  Paper products
14111500  -  Printing and writing paper
14111509  -  Stationery