CANCELLED Construction of Emergency Shelter for Victims of Trafficking and Vulnerable Smuggled Migrants in Lac Assal, Djibouti - RE-BID Invitation to bid

Reference: ITB/2019/9109
Beneficiary country(ies): Djibouti
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 29-Mar-2019
Deadline on: 02-May-2019 12:00 0.00

The United Nations Office for Project Services (hereinafter referred to as UNOPS) is pleased to invite competent Bidders/Contractors to submit their respective competitive proposal for the Construction of Emergency Shelter for Victims of Trafficking and Vulnerable Smuggled Migrants in Lac Assal, Djibouti in accordance with the UNOPS General Conditions of Contract, Technical Specificarions (TS) and the “Scope of the Works (SoW)” herein uploaded under file ref. “ITB Scope of Works (SoW)”.


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72000000  -  Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services
72110000  -  Residential building construction services
72111100  -  Multiple unit dwelling construction services
72111111  -  General residential construction contractor service
Tender cancelled on 2019-07-06 14:46 UTC. Dear Bidders; Greetings from UNOPS Ethiopia! This is to kindly inform you that the captioned ITB has been formally cancelled due to bidders’ offer is significantly greater than the allocated budget for the designated construction project. Hence, it is decided to DE-SCOPE (i.e., reduce the work components of BoQs) and re-tender once again as per the prevailing UNOPS policy. Please note the direct invitation has already been sent under Ref. No. ITB/2019/10690 to all bidders, which either submitted their respective bids and/or showed interest for Tender Ref. No. ITB/2019/9109.    Taking this opportunity, we would like to express our indebtedness for your interest and all efforts you put forth as per the bid solicitation request. We look forward to receiving your technically fit as well as highly competitive bids under Ref. No. ITB/2019/10690.          Thank you Evaluation TeamUNOPS Ethiopia Office.

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New amendment added #1: Dear Bidders; Greetings from UNOPS Ethiopia! The purpose of this amendment is to upload the Pre-bid meeting Minutes held on April 2, 2019. Please find the minutes under "DOCUMENTS" tab and to extend the bid closing date up until May 2, 2019 at 12:00 UTC as per bidders request. Please note that there are no changes made in any part of the tender document.  Thank you ​UNOPS ETOH

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New clarification added: Dear Bidder;We are trying to reach the Djibouti Focal Point to activate the skype account so that you could join the pre-bid meeting.We are hoping the internet glitch will be sorted out soon.Thank you for enduring with us!UNOPS ETOH 

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New clarification added: Dear Bidder;We hereby extends our gratefulness for your interest to attend the pre-bid meeting to be held today under the captioned ITB. Here is the reply for the requestRequest: Greeting from Djibouti, I would like to inform that we sent email to etoh.procurement@unops.org to participate for the PRE-MEETING of tomorrow, we didn't received the confirmation until now could you please confirm us many thanks?Clarification: We have sent you the clearance confirmation thru etoh.procurement@unops.org   Meanwhile, you are advised to come with valid ID and/or Passport for prompt clearance at Chambre de Commerce de Djibouti; Place la Garde Building.Thank you​UNOPS ETOH

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New clarification added: Dear Bidder; Greetings from UNOPS Djibouti! We hereby extends our gratefulness for your interest on the captioned ITB and request for clarification. Kindly refer the clarifications for the requests as follows: Request: Due to the Returnable schedule No 6 - for the site Engineering are you need 5 Site Engineer as it mentioned in the returnable documents?Clarification: Only one Site Engineer is required as it is clearly stated under the Evaluation Criteria "Returnable Bid Schedule 6 – Project Team and Organizational Structure" Sub-item 6.2     Request: Can we attend the pre bid meeting by Skype?Clarification: Yes, you can attend over Skype account bamokoWe are hoping these clarifies your requests. Thank you UNOPS ETOH   

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