Supply of 6,000 Lighting Global quality-verified off-grid solar products for the Republic of Yemen. Request for quotation

Reference: RFQ/2018/6500
Beneficiary country(ies): Yemen
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 23-Oct-2018
Deadline on: 08-Nov-2018 10:00 (GMT 0.00) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca

Tender description: Supply of 6,000 Lighting Global quality-verified off-grid solar products for the Republic of Yemen.

This document describes the technical requirements that off-grid lighting kits must meet to qualify for the first round of off-grid solar products procured under the Yemen Emergency Electricity Access project. Over a period of three years, the project aims to restore electricity supply to 200,000 households (1,340,000 people). In the first year of implementation (by mid-2019), the Project aims to reach 67,000 households. The project is being funded by the World Bank and implemented by UNOPS. More information can be found online:
This procurement will may be followed by subsequent rounds of procurement, which will likely be for a larger volume and broader range of quality-verified off-grid lighting kits.

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I  -  Personal, Domestic & Consumer Equipment & Supplies
60000000  -  Musical Instruments and Games and Toys and Arts and Crafts and Educational Equipment and Materials and Accessories and Supplies
60100000  -  Developmental and professional teaching aids and materials and accessories and supplies
60104700  -  Energy and power physics materials
60104702  -  Solar kits
New clarification added: Questions: How many hours minimum must the fan operate for each day?Is there a minimum size for the fan, such as 16”?Is there a minimum lumen rating for the lights?How many hour minimum must the lights operate for at  the minimum light level?How much the rating required power of solar panel for each item?How much battery capacity in watt hour for each item?How much power rating for light point for each item? solar panel power/capacity battery type / capacity led light power / quantitywhat is the size for DC fan Blade: 16 inch or less in Section II: Schedule of Requirements/ item no.4 says The peak power rating of the PV module shall be less than 350 W!! the tender is not specifying the panel wattage, could you clarify more in this matter as the cost will vary between 30w, 100w, 200w and 300w?UNOPS Answer: UNOPS has no preference for the system. However, please refer back to the required technical specification which stating that all offered products should be Global Lighting Certified For PV module out door installation, a central control unit with integrated battery for fixed indoor installation and other accessories such as cables and switches which installation need bidders provide or UN provide? UNOPS Answer:  As stated in the tender documents, we are looking for fixed systems Plug and Play type, which includes NO installationsQ. For the qualification criteria, Supply similar goods and services for the last 3 years, could you please indicate if you will considerer the supply of photovoltaic equipment although this is related to solar systems instead of multi-light kits?UNOPS Answer: Yes it will be accepted. Q. How will you assess the Questionnaire related to Capacity of Supplier?UNOPS Answer: according to the document required to be provided as part of this tender.​Q. Could you please kindly provide the ref. picture for lot B and C ?UNOPS Answer;  No pictures can be provided. However, for more details about the pictures, refer to this link The tenders documents do not state the storage capacity, therefore can you please send us the storage capacity needed to pick the right product for you? UNOPS Answer: The choose of storage capacity is up to the supplier to determine upon in according with the product offered within our technical specification required in this tender. Q. Is the PV module going to be stationary or you’re looking for Mobil Modules (foldable panels) to use it anywhere.UNOPS Answer; As stated in the tender documents, we are looking for fixed systems

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New amendment added #2: This Amendment created to extend the timeline for bid submision closing date to be on the 8th of November instad of 4th of November 2018. All other terms and conditions of this tender remains the same. 

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New clarification added: Q.1 Please kindly let us know  whether the installation is included in the quotation?UNOPS Answer: please note that the products required is Plug & Play. Therefore, no installation is required.  Q.2 In case we are authorized by a manufacturer to submit his product would you consider his 3 past years of experience ? Dear Sir,UNOPS Answer: The required 3 pas experience is related to the supplier that will sign the contract with UNOPSQ.3 About B Multi-light kit with mobile phone charging, radio and/or portable lightThe Radio: AM/FM functionality is old system, the new one is MP3 /FM Function, so can you accept MP3 /FM Function for radio?UNOPS Answer:  Please stick to the original specs. Any higher specs. may be taken in consideration.

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New amendment added #1: This Amendment#1  has been created to modify the requirement of the product category C. Multi-light kit with mobile phone charging and a fanunder Section II: Schedule of Requirements under LOT 1 All other terms and conditions of this Tender remain the same

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