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Northern Iloilo fishery rehabilitation development project – Concepcion fish port

Northern Iloilo fishery rehabilitation development project – Concepcion fish port Invitation to bid

Reference: UNOPS/PHL/ITB/2018/006
Beneficiary country(ies): Philippines
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 07-Sep-2018
Deadline on: 15-Oct-2018 17:00 (GMT 8.00) Beijing, Perth, Singapore, Hong Kong


The works shall include but are not limited to the construction and
rehabilitation of the existing port in order to make it appropriate for
passenger/tourism purposes and the expansion of the port in order to
create a new Fishery Port. In addition, an approx. 200 meter-long Piled
Jetty/causeway in order to allow fisherman and passengers boats to
dock, small portion of road for access and exit and small demolitions as
further described in Section V of this ITB.

Site location: Concepcion, Iloilo Province, Philippines
Site area: Approx. 9,500 m2 plus the area for the 200 meters long Piled Jetty
or equivalent.
Building use: Fishery and Passengers Port

Kirsteen Mack - philippines@unops.org, Tel: +63 028172767
Email: philippines@unops.org
First name: Kirsteen
Surname: Mack
Telephone country code: Philippines (+63)
Telephone number: 028172767
J  -  Services
72000000  -  Building and Facility Construction and Maintenance Services
72120000  -  Nonresidential building construction services
72140000  -  Heavy construction services
72141200  -  Marine construction services
Submission deadline extended till 17:00 on 15/10/18

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