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Consultancy Services for Impact Assessment of ViVa (Visibility for Vaccines) Request for proposal

Reference: RFPS-DAN-2018-502857
Beneficiary country(ies): Denmark
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 24-Aug-2018
Deadline on: 07-Sep-2018 23:59 (GMT 2.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris


UNICEF wishes to qualified service provider to submit an offer for the above tender. Please find attached for your review RFPS-DAN-2017-502857 for Consultancy Services for Impact Assessment of ViVa.


  1. The proposals must be submitted to the following email: supplybid@unicef.org. Proposals sent to any other email will be invalidated. Do not send general queries to this email.
  2. The subject line of the e-mail should include the bid number; i.e. 502857
  3. Attachments to be maximum ten (10) megabytes per email and submitted in PDF format. Larger attachments and attachments other than PDF format will not be accepted.
  4. No other recipient should be "cc" or "bcc" in the email submission


Proposals must be received latest by 23.59 hours (Copenhagen time) on 7 September 2018, and will be opened on 10 September 2018. After submission of your offer, you will receive an acknowledgment receipt.

Miho Abe - mabe@unicef.org, Tel: +45 45335500, Fax: +45 35 26 94 21
Email: mabe@unicef.org
First name: Miho
Surname: Abe
Telephone country code: Denmark (+45)
Telephone number: 45335500
Telephone extension: 5658
Fax country code: Denmark (+45)
Fax number: 35 26 94 21
J  -  Services
80000000  -  Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services
80100000  -  Management advisory services
80101600  -  Project management
80101607  -  Project impact assessment
85000000  -  Healthcare Services
85120000  -  Medical practice
85122200  -  Individual health screening and assessment services
85122201  -  Individual health assessment
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