Provision of Operational, Programme Delivery and Strategic Risk Assessment Services Request for proposal

Reference: IFAD/2018/023/RFP
Beneficiary country(ies): Italy
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 25-Jul-2018
Deadline on: 24-Aug-2018 15:00 (GMT 1.00) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca

The vendor will assess the four major areas: IFAD's Operational Risks; Risks in Programme Delivery; IFAD’s Strategic Risks and Gap analysis of the function and structure of IFAD’s Enterprise Risk Management. IFAD's current capabilities in these areas should be compared to best practice in comparable organizations such as International Financial Institutions. In areas where IFAD capabilities need to be updated and improved, the vendor will be expected to provide recommendations on how to best address the identified shortcomings.

Objectives of the RFP
IFAD hereby solicits proposals for the Provision of Operational, Programme Delivery and Strategic Risk Assessment Services.

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J  -  Services
77000000  -  Environmental Services
77100000  -  Environmental management
77101500  -  Environmental impact assessment
77101501  -  Risk or hazard assessment
80000000  -  Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services
80100000  -  Management advisory services
80101500  -  Business and corporate management consultation services
80101505  -  Corporate objectives or policy development
80101510  -  Risk management consultation service
81000000  -  Engineering and Research and Technology Based Services
81100000  -  Professional engineering services
81102800  -  Minefield and demining services
81102807  -  Demining risk analysis or assessment or evaluation service
81140000  -  Manufacturing technologies
81141800  -  Facilities management
81141801  -  Safety or risk analysis