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CANCELLED Office Furniture for UNOPS, Myanmar including transportation and installation services Request for quotation

Reference: RFQ/2018/4935
Beneficiary country(ies): Myanmar
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 18-Jun-2018
Deadline on: 26-Jun-2018 08:30 0.00

Tender description: Office Furniture for UNOPS, Myanmar including transportation and installation services


IMPORTANT NOTE: Interested vendors must respond to this tender using the UNOPS eSourcing system, via the UNGM portal. In order to access the full UNOPS tender details, request clarifications on the tender, and submit a vendor response to a tender using the system, vendors need to be registered as a UNOPS vendor at the UNGM portal and be logged into UNGM. For guidance on how to register on UNGM and submit responses to UNOPS tenders in the UNOPS eSourcing system, please refer to the user guide and other resources available at: https://esourcing.unops.org/#/Help/Guides

This tender has been posted through the UNOPS eSourcing system. Cet avis a été publié au moyen du système eSourcing de l'UNOPS. Esta licitación ha sido publicada usando el sistema eSourcing de UNOPS.
I  -  Personal, Domestic & Consumer Equipment & Supplies
56000000  -  Furniture and Furnishings
56100000  -  Accommodation furniture
56101500  -  Furniture
56101532  -  Furniture set
New amendment added #1: Dear Bidder,We are revised the Section III Returnable Bidding Forms.The revised forms are attached under the document tab.Thanks and Best Regards,UNOPS, Myanmar 

Changed/edited on: 25-Jun-2018 07:44
Changed/edited by: webservice@unops.org
New clarification added: Dear Bidder,Q(1) Lot(1) have 2 types of desk , Lot(2) have 3 types of desk and Lot(3) have 3 types of chairs , Returnable Form shows Quantity of 27 , whether it is for each item of particular Lot?        e.g. Lot(1)-  Desk typ (1)- 27 And Desk type(2)- 27?Please check and download the revised section III Returntable bidding forms which is correctly attached in the document tab.Best Regards,UNOPS

Changed/edited on: 20-Jun-2018 05:52
Changed/edited by: webservice@unops.org
New clarification added: Dear Bidder,Question 1: Please reconfirm the currency of submission is Myanmar Kyat. Would United States Dollar (USD) suffice for this bid as well?Answer 1 :  UNOPS can accept the quotation with USD but we will convert it to UN operational exchange rate for the month of tender closing and evaluate on it.Thank you.

Changed/edited on: 20-Jun-2018 05:20
Changed/edited by: webservice@unops.org
New clarification added: Dear Bidder,Question 1: On the Schedule of Requirements, you state 3 lots of many office pieces of furniture, however on the returnable forms, you have a single item that is completely unrelated to the Schedule of requirements. Which document should we follow on finding items for this proposal?Answer 1: Sorry for confusing on the documents, it is already attached the correct returnable forms in documents tab. kindly check for this in the documents tab and please see our lot by lot requirements. Question 2: If we follow the list of items in the Schedule of Requirements you have provided, what is the quantity desired for this proposal for all items listed?Answer 2: The quantity are already mentioned in the Form B - price schedule form.Thank you.UNOPS, Myanmar

Changed/edited on: 20-Jun-2018 05:16
Changed/edited by: webservice@unops.org
New clarification added: Dear Bidder,Q:1. We need time to prepare the bidding documents, Please kindly consider to extend deadline to 9 July, 2018.A: 1. Due to our timely reqirement, we couldn't be extend the deadline to July 2018.Q: 2. Please kindly provide the quantity for every lot (lot 1-3).A: 2. Quantity are already mentioned in the Section III - Form B Price Schedule Form.Q: 3. From your last revision feedback, we do not see any change for Section III, Please kindly update the documents.A: 3. It is not changed anything. It was reuploading the correct documents for this tender. Section III- Retunable Bidding Form are our tender requirements, you will see form A, B,C,D to fill up your information.  Q:4. Please kindly confirm Please confirm if the currency USD is accepted by UNOPS A:4. Yes, you can. We will convert it with UN operitional exchange rate.Best,UNOPS, Myanmar

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New clarification added: Dear Bidder,Thanks for your clarification.We are revised the section III - Returnable Bidding Forms in the documents tab.Best Regards,UNOPS, Myanmar

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