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Reference: LRPS-2018-9140406
Beneficiary country(ies): Pakistan
Published on: 21-Jun-2018
Deadline on: 22-Jun-2018 17:00 (GMT 5.00) Ekaterinburg, Islamabad, Karachi, Tashkent

UNICEF has now issued a Request for Proposals in order to select a supplier for the provision of COLD CHAIN EQUIPMENT OPTIMIZATION / INSTALLATION CONSULTANT. You can find full instructions on the UNICEF e-submissions system including how to access the tender documents and submit an Offer in the UNGM notice under the ‘Documents’ tab or, if you are in the tender management site, by clicking on `View Details` and then pressing on the grey button “Instructions on how to submit an Offer”. In the tender management site, if you navigate to the documents tab and opt in to confirm your intention to submit a Bid – you will then see the mandatory placeholders for documents that must be attached prior to submitting your Offer (you will also see if there are any mandatory questionnaires to complete). As such, you are recommended to `opt in` well before the submission deadline so you are clear exactly what documents are required to be uploaded prior to completing your submission. Please note that in order to access the tender documentation through UNICEF’s e-submissions system, vendors must: (i) be registered with UNICEF in UNGM as a company/institution; (ii) have successfully completed all mandatory information currently required by UNGM when registering.

Email: procurementpakistan@unicef.org
First name: Muhammad
Surname: Ali
Telephone country code: Pakistan (+92)
Telephone number: 51 209 7700
Fax country code: Pakistan (+92)
Fax number: 51 209 7799
B  -  Industrial Equipment & Tools
24000000  -  Material Handling and Conditioning and Storage Machinery and their Accessories and Supplies
24110000  -  Containers and storage
24113100  -  Boxes
24113104  -  Cold storage box
24120000  -  Packaging materials
24121500  -  Packaging boxes and bags and pouches
24121512  -  Cold pack or ice brick
24130000  -  Industrial refrigeration
24131500  -  Industrial refrigerators
24131516  -  Cold storage room
E  -  Medical, Laboratory & Test Equipment & Supplies & Pharmaceuticals
41000000  -  Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment
41100000  -  Laboratory and scientific equipment
41103000  -  Laboratory cooling equipment
41103005  -  Ultra cold or ultralow upright cabinets or freezers
41103020  -  Ultra cold or ultralow chest freezers
41110000  -  Measuring and observing and testing instruments
41111800  -  Non destructive examination equipment
41111811  -  Cold testing equipment station
42000000  -  Medical Equipment and Accessories and Supplies
42140000  -  Patient care and treatment products and supplies
42142100  -  Heat and cold therapy products
42142101  -  Covers for heat or cold therapy products
42142109  -  Therapeutic hot or cold therapy mitts
42142110  -  Therapeutic hot or cold water bottles
42142114  -  Therapeutic hot or cold therapy pants
42280000  -  Medical cleaning and sterilization products
42281600  -  Cold sterilization and disinfectant solutions
51000000  -  Drugs and Pharmaceutical Products
51160000  -  Drugs affecting the respiratory tract
51161800  -  Cough and cold and antiallergy products