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Evaluation of the UNESCO/Flanders Trust Fund (FUST), 2014-18 Request for proposal

Reference: RFP/ BSP/SC/FUST/02/2018
Beneficiary country(ies): France
Published on: 08-Feb-2018
Deadline on: 25-Feb-2018 23:59 (GMT 1.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris


The United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) hereby invites qualified companies/individuals to submit proposals for the following assignment:

Evaluation of the UNESCO/Flanders Trust Fund (FUST), 2014-18

Please refer to attached procurement notice.

Martina Rathner - ios@unesco.org, Tel: +33 145680909
Email: ios@unesco.org
First name: Martina
Surname: Rathner
Telephone country code: France (+33)
Telephone number: 145680909
J  -  Services
80000000  -  Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services
80100000  -  Management advisory services
80101600  -  Project management
80101606  -  Project monitoring and evaluation
84000000  -  Financial and Insurance Services
84110000  -  Accounting and bookkeeping services
84111600  -  Audit services