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RFQ 77287,1-Contamination monitors for EAEA Egypt Request for quotation

Reference: RFQ 77287,1-Contamination monitors for EAEA Egypt
Beneficiary country(ies): Egypt
Published on: 29-Jan-2018
Deadline on: 28-Feb-2018 17:00 (GMT 1.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris


RFQ  77287,1-Contamination monitors for EAEA Egypt

David Tesarcik - d.tesarcik@iaea.org, Tel: +43 1260021178
Email: d.tesarcik@iaea.org
First name: David
Surname: Tesarcik
Telephone country code: Austria (+43)
Telephone number: 1260021178
E  -  Medical, Laboratory & Test Equipment & Supplies & Pharmaceuticals
41000000  -  Laboratory and Measuring and Observing and Testing Equipment
41110000  -  Measuring and observing and testing instruments
41111900  -  Indicating and recording instruments
41111929  -  Radiation detectors
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