Vaccine Safety Net portal and Vaccine Safety Communications e-library management Request for proposal

Reference: 2017/HIS/SAV/0007
Beneficiary country(ies): Switzerland
Published on: 19-Dec-2017
Deadline on: 15-Jan-2018 17:00 (GMT 1.00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris




The objective of the contract is, on behalf of WHO, provide expertise in managing, on a daily basis, the existing Vaccine Safety Net (VSN) portal and the Vaccine Safety Communications e-library and continuously propose strategies to further enhance the VSN project's visibility and outreach and to promote the usability of the e-library.

Main Tasks:

  1. work on the management of the VSN portal, including managing the content the layout, moderating the users interactions and facilitating the technical support to the users
  2. produce regular biweekly email updates ‘VSN Digest’ for the VSN members
  3. work on the publication of the VSN periodic (bi-annual) public newsletter
  4. manage the VSN visual identity, ensure and support VSN members to include it into their website
  5. manage the vaccine safety communication e-library
  6. produce graphics and communication materials for the VSN
  7. participate in the activities of VSN, VSN Secretariat and the VSN Advisory Group
  8. conceptualize, produce, disseminate and analyze surveys for either general public or VSN members and report the results
  9. manage the VSN e-accounts (portal, Mail Chimp, Google suite)

Characteristics of the provider for this contract:

The provider shall be an institution operating in the field of digital health communication and Web Design with proven expertise in Web tools and design software, interpreting and extracting information from Google analytics for implementing data driven websites' design strategies, social media management, mobile applications applicability, design and layout of advocacy material.

Period covered under the RFP:

The period covered under this RFP is for a maximum of 21 months depending on the performance and funding availability.


Intention to bid:

No later than 7 January 2018 17:00 Geneva time (CET) the bidder shall complete and return by email to WHO to the following address: gvsi@who.int 

Submission of proposals:

No later than 15 January 2017, 08:00 Geneva time (CET), the bidder shall complete and return by email to WHO to the following address: gvsi@who.int (only when this step is completed the bidder is regarded as a prospective bidder):

  1. Covering letter signed by the bidder or the respective authority when the bidder is not an individual.
  2. Proposal (including, but not restricted to, technical and financial documents) with annexes as described in the RFP.

    A prospective bidder requiring any clarification on technical or contractual matters may notify WHO via email at the following address no later than 10 January 2017, 17:00 CET.


  • Email for submissions of forms and/or proposal: gvsi@who.int (use subject: Bid Ref 2017/HIS/SAV/0007)


    Refer to attached documents for additional information.

Mrs. Isabelle SAHINOVIC - gvsi@who.int, Tel: +41 0
Email: gvsi@who.int
First name: Mrs. Isabelle
Telephone country code: Switzerland (+41)
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