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Evaluation of the WHO Presence in Countries Request for proposal

Reference: 2015/DGO/EVL/001
Beneficiary country(ies): Switzerland
Published on: 21-Apr-2015
Deadline on: 18-May-2015 17:00 (GMT 1.00) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca


The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to enter into a contractual agreement with a successful bidder and select a suitable contractor to carry out the following work: To conduct an external evaluation of the “World Health Organization (WHO) Presence in Countries”. The evaluation is expected to address criteria of relevance, effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the WHO Presence in countries.  It will be based on a mixed-methods evaluation, combining document review and indicator assessments, with qualitative data collection from all WHO country offices.  A specific in-depth assessment of selected the WHO presence in selected countries will also be included in the evaluation. This work is expected to take place between June 2015 and November 2015.  

Iciar LARIZGOITIA JAUREGUI - larizgoitiai@who.int, Tel: +41 227911152
Email: larizgoitiai@who.int
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Telephone number: 227911152
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