TITLE: Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS) Application Engineering and Development Request for proposal

Reference: RFPS-NYH-2024- 503693
Beneficiary countries: Multiple destinations (see 'Countries' tab below)
Published on: 02-Apr-2024
Deadline on: 15-May-2024 23:59 (GMT 1.00)


UNICEF Supply Division, Service Contracting Centre is inviting qualified service providers to submit their proposals for RFPS-NYH-2024- 503693 for the procurement of Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS) Application Engineering and Development. The Request for Proposals for Services (RFPS), along with its annexes, is available for download on the United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) under “Documents” tab.

 This solicitation consists of the RFPS document and the following annexes:

1. The UNICEF General Terms and Conditions of Contract (Services) which are attached as Annex A;

2. The Terms of Reference attached as Annex B, including the following Appendixes:

  • Appendix B1: General Service Level Agreement (SLA);
  • Appendix B2: Proposer Self-Checklist;
  • Appendix B3: Technical Proposal Requirements Compliance Sheet;
  • Appendix B4: Client Reference Information Sheet;
  • Appendix B5: Appendix B6: Declaration by Vendor and Disclosure Requirement;
  • Appendix B7: MICS Tabulation Plan;
  • Appendix B8: Harmonized Dataset’s Data Dictionary;
  • Appendix B9: UNICEF Accessibility Standards;
  • Appendix B10: UNICEF preferred standardized Plan;
  • Appendix B11: Functional and non-functional test cases
  • Appendix B12: UNICEF Security Requirements
  • Appendix B13: UNICEF Standard LTAS template

3. Annex C, Price Schedules and Instructions, including Appendixes C1-C2, pricing tables.

4. Annex D, Data Processing Agreement

For ease of response, response documents are available in and editable format. Respondents are encouraged to insert their answers directly into the documents. However, it is noted that the requirements specified in the PDF version are binding, and any alterations or modifications to these stated requirements will lead to disqualification of the proposal.

We request that interested proposers acknowledge their intention to participate by emailing Roycelynne Reyes at rreyes@unicef.org, with a copy to Revathy Viswanathan at rviswanathan@unicef.org.

Proposers should carefully read and follow the instructions provided in the RFPS documents. Queries or clarifications concerning the RFPS should be submitted via email to the addresses mentioned above, citing the specific RFPS number. The deadline for submitting queries is 19 April 2024 at 23h59 CEST (Copenhagen Time).

Proposals should remain valid for a minimum of 180 days from the submission deadline.

Proposals should be exclusively sent to supplybid@unicef.org by no later than 24 April 2024 at 23h59 CEST (Copenhagen Time). Proposers should refrain from copying or blind-copying any additional recipients in this email. Refer to the RFPS document - Instructions to Proposers (pages 21-22 of the RFPS package), for comprehensive details on proposal submission.

Note that the Technical and Commercial Proposals must be sent as separate emails. Each email, inclusive of attachments, should not exceed twenty-five (25) megabytes. However, proposers may choose to divide their proposal into multiple email batches. Please be aware that submissions via email links are not acceptable and will result in disqualification.

For any further enquiries, kindly reach out to the designated Procurement Focal Points via email.