UN Secretariat
UNCC Modernization Project - Phase III: General Construction Renovation of Conference Room 1, United Nations Conference Centre, Bangkok Request for EOI

Reference: EOIUNESCAP22095
Beneficiary countries: Thailand
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 17-Nov-2023
Deadline on: 16-Dec-2023 23:59 (GMT -4.00)

1. The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (hereinafter referred to as “UNESCAP”) solicits Expression of Interest (EOI) from qualified Companies to undertake a project for supply, installation, modification and commissioning of Conference rooms. The work includes floor preparation and carpet installation, furniture modification and finishing, wall covering and structural framing for LED video wall; for Conference Room 1 (CR1) at the United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC) in Bangkok, Thailand. 2. Following the recommendation from Office of Information and Communication Technology (OICT) New York, United Nations Conference Centre (UNCC) at Bangkok embarked on a multiyear project to modernize its conference and audio-visual facilities by harmonizing various standards and platforms used for audio-visual broadcasting and simultaneous interpretation system within the UNCC. Conference Room 2-4 was upgraded in 2019-2023 and in 2024 it is planned to upgrade Conference Room 1. 3. While the Phase III of UNCC Modernization Project has both facilities and audio-visual components this EOI is only for the facilities portion of the project: Includes general construction works such as; structural support framing for video display equipment, modification and installation of the conference room floor, installation of carpet provided by ESCAP, cabling and other hardware, renovation of interpreter rooms including supply and installation of wall covering, installation of carpet flooring and skirting. Carpet material to be provided by UNESCAP. The vendor will provide all testing and commissioning. 4. UNESCAP has already procured Carpet tile for CR 1 and it will be provided to the successful vendor for installation. 5. Installation of LED Video Wall, Conference Management Simultaneous Interpretation (CMSI), conference audio listening units, and other audio-visual equipment will be done by another vendor (under separate contract). Conceptual design, drawings and technical specifications shall be made available for complete compliance and coordination. 6. Specific requirement of work is described briefly in the next section and vendor's responsibility shall be supply, installation, modification and commissioning, along with training on operation and maintenance. The requirements of the project as follows: Supply, Installation, Modification and Commissioning on Conference Facility that is comprised of the following: i. Carpet flooring and skirting (material provided by UN ESCAP); ii. Concrete floor leveling; iii. Cut existing concrete floor and prepare surface for new cable trench; iv. Install metal cable tray; v. 1:12 cement board on steel frame ramp at the chairman stage; vi. Install flooring and ceiling mounted structural steel frame for support of video wall; vii. Repair scratch and dent of all existing woodwork; viii. Repaint and clean exiting ceiling, wall fabric and window; ix. Interpreter tabletop finishing; x. Interpreter room fabric wall covering and ceiling; xi. Hazardous material removal [ACMs]. xii. Refurbish storage room. xiii. Wiring new power cable and install pop-up power outlet. xiv. Standardize and install new utilities and facilities fixture i.e. lighting switch, door view, A/C grille, etc.

UNESCAP Chief Procurement Officer