UN Secretariat
Provision of Project Architectural and Engineering Services for UNDC2 Office Refurbishment and Flexible Workpspace Conversion Project Request for EOI

Reference: EOIUNPD22066
Beneficiary countries: United States of America
Registration level: Basic
Published on: 07-Nov-2023
Deadline on: 06-Dec-2023 23:59 (GMT -4.00)

1. United Nations Procurement Division (UNPD) seeks Expressions of Interest (EOI) from suitably qualified companies with required expertise and experience to provide project architectural and engineering services in support of the Organization's planned renovation and Flexible Workplace conversion of office space at Two United Nations Plaza Building (UNDC2) in New York City. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: 2. It is envisaged that the services will be required in several phases. Each phase will consist of simultaneous Programme and Conceptual Planning work, Architectural and Engineering construction document production and Construction Administration activity covering groups of 2 to 8 floors at a time. 3. UNDC2 Building is owned by the United Nations Development Corporation and the United Nations maintains a long-term lease with a footprint of approximately 360,000 sq. ft. spread over 26 Floors. 4. The types of services required will include: a. Programming Services: i. Flexible Workplace Programming/Scheduling ii. Development of Concept Plans iii. Initiation of digital/on-line programming surveys iv. Conduct of Post-occupancy survey b. Preparation of Construction documents. c. Construction and administration phase. 5. The scope of the renovation program for programming, architectural and engineering services is envisaged to consist of the following: a. Complete demolition of all existing interior spaces, including all ceilings, finishes, furniture systems, and MEP floor systems. b. Conversion of full floor space to a Flexible Workspace layout provided by Separate Programme Management firm. c. Replacement of mechanical and electrical systems. d. Installation and upgrade of fire safety systems to meet local authority requirements.

Christian Provencher